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Answer the trivia questions, then click "Score Me!" to see how many you got right.

  Questions: Were you were right?
1 Which Monkee has a guitar credit on the very first Monkees album?
a) Michael Nesmith
b) Peter Tork
c) Both Peter and Mike
d) None of the above
2 Why did Peter wear his belt buckle off to the side?
a) He was trying to start a fashion trend
b) This was scripted to show how dumb his character was
c) So it wouldn't scratch his guitar
d) Political statement -- Left side = left wing = anti-war
3 Which two Monkees share a birthday?
a) Micky and Davy
b) Davy and Mike
c) Mike and Micky
d) Micky and Peter
4 Which Monkee was asked to join Frank Zappa's band, The Mothers of Invention?
a) Mike
b) Peter
c) Micky
d) None of the above
5 Which Monkee was secretly married?
a) Davy to Linda
b) Mike to Phyllis
c) Micky to Samantha
d) Peter to Reine


Your Score: out of 5.  

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