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About Monkees 101:

This site was launched in Feb. 1999 on Freeyellow's free hosting service under the title "The Monkees Mailing List and Resource Site" and was moved to its own domain in Feb. 2004. Monkees 101 is the official home of The Monkees Mailing List, The Official Monkees FAQs and is intended as a valuable resource for Monkees fans and others who may be interested in learning more about The Monkees.

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Monkees101.com takes the privacy of our visitors very seriously and does not collect information about our visitors, with but three exceptions:

  1. Stat tracking - non personally-identifiable information is collected for Monkees101.com by the hosting service and by third party services. This information is used to help ensure that the Monkees101.com site is compatible with the browsers, operating systems, monitors and devices a majority of visitors use to view the site and to better identify and tailor the site to the content that seems to be of the most interest to our visitors and may also be used in conjunction with other Monkees fan sites or forums to make a combined effort to better serve the Monkees fan base. Aggregate information such as the average number of visitors to the site, sections of the site or specific pages on the site may also be used in marketing ad space on the site - but in no case is any individual visitor information on any visitor sold or otherwise divulged to advertisers or any other third parties by Monkees101.com or Melhi.
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  3. Acknowledgements, Links, Other Forums, etc. - The Monkees101.com website relies on fan submissions, particularly for the Monkees FAQs. Visitors who submit information for the FAQs or other areas of the website are encouraged to include information regarding whether and how they would like to be credited on the acknowledgements page. Visitors who choose to be acknowledged by their real names and/or other private contact information should be aware that they are granting Monkees101.com a permanent, non-exclusive license to publish the identifying information they have supplied for the purpose of being acknowledged and that neither Monkees101.com nor Melhi have any control over how other visitors to the acknowledgements page might use any information displayed there. Similarly, while most of the information on the Links and Other Forums pages (or any page which includes any form of contact information) is gathered from research of publicly available sources, anyone requesting a listing on the Links or Other Forums page (or other pages which might include contact information for an individual, fanzine, fan club etc.,) should be aware that the information provided for the listing may be published on the Monkees101.com website and that neither Monkees101.com nor Melhi have any control over how other visitors to these pages might use that information.

Monkees101.com does not use cookies. Please note, however, that advertisers and third party services may use cookies.
The Monkees101.com privacy policy applies solely to and does not extend beyond the Monkees101.com website - it does not extend to advertisers, the domain registrar and/or web hosting company, third party services or to any other websites which may be linked from Monkees101.com.

A Word About Our Sponsors
While not every product/service link on Monkees 101 is an affiliate link, this site is ad sponsored. I work hard to find the best selection, products, prices and vendors for fans and commission revenues offset expenses beyond just the fees associated with the domain. Additionally, I may include advertising for my other projects (such as my Zazzle shops... these other projects are how I make my living.) Any reviews/opinions/etc expressed on this site are genuine and are unsolicited by merchants or advertisers. These would be published exactly as they are, even if the site contained no paid or affiliate advertising. In the event that a paid ad is ever accepted for publication on this site, that is submitted to the site owner in article, opinion or review form, it will be clearly marked as paid content.

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The Monkees Mailing List - (Subsection, see below)
The Official Monkees FAQs - (Subsection, see below)
Remembering Davy Jones - Fan memorial and rememberances page.
Q & As - Question and Answer interviews.
Links - Info sites, Fanclubs/zines, Fanmail addresses, etc.
Other Forums - Monkees lists, chats, boards.
Netspeak - Guide to general and Monkees netspeak.
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Monkees FAQs Main Page
Music Albums FAQ
Music Solo Etc. FAQ
Covers and Tributes FAQ
Music Bootlegs FAQ
Book FAQ
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About The Official Monkees FAQs:

The Monkees FAQs were created Nov., 1994 by Hooloovoo and began as one large FAQ, primarily for AMM. It was later split into four smaller files and two pop culture FAQs, co-created by Hooloovoo and SaturdaysChild, were added to chronical Monkees references in the media. Hoo offered the FAQs to me (Melhi) in May, 2000. I have reorganized, updated, edited and corrected existing information and added an all new FAQ and an acknowledgements page. Seven of the nine FAQs also have text-only versions for fast loading and easy printing. The text versions are linked from the "Site Index" for faster, more convenient navigation on slower connections.

The FAQs rely on my research and fan submissions. If you can help fill in the blanks, provide an update or correct an error, please send the info to me, in as much detail as possible. I'll do updates in large batches and I will verify info whenever possible.

Available in the FAQs subsection:
Monkees FAQ - HTML - Frequently asked Monkees questions.
Music FAQ - HTML, Text - Frequently asked Monkees music questions, discography, etc.
Music Solo Etc. FAQ - HTML, Text - Solo, duo & other group discographies for each Monkee.
Music Covers & Tributes FAQ - HTML - Tribute albums/bands and covers of Monkees songs.
Music Bootlegs FAQ - HTML, Text - Discography of well known Monkees bootlegs.
TV FAQ - HTML, Text - Episode Guide and Monkees screen appearances.
Book FAQ - HTML, Text - Books by and about the Monkees.
TV References FAQ - HTML, Text - Monkees mentions in film and broadcast media.
Print References FAQ - HTML, Text - Monkees mentions in print.
Acknowledgements - HTML - Thank You to FAQ contributers.

Publication, distribution or use of the Monkees FAQs, in any form, is prohibited without permission.

Monkees Mailing List
List Rules
Help Files
How to Unsubscribe
Contact the List Owner and Mods
About The Monkees Mailing List:

The Monkees Mailing List is the original and the largest E-mail discussion forum for Monkees fans and is generally considered the "official" Monkees discussion list. The list was founded by Brad Waddell in early 1995 and has been owned and operated by me (Melhi) since Feb. 1999. An on-topic forum and designated flame-free zone, the list is privately owned and professionally managed. They are seldom broken, but we do have rules and we do enforce them. These rules provide our members with a relaxed atmosphere free from constant flame-wars, viruses, unreadable posts, blogs, spam, etc. Please note: spirited on-topic debates (that do not stray into flames) are not only allowed, but encouraged. It is recommended that members subscribe with a Yahoo ID/password via the Yahoogroups website, so they will have access to their account settings and members-only features.

Available in The Monkees Mailing List subsection:
List Home Page - Mission statement and subsection navigation.
Rules -
Help files - account problems, tips for text based communications, etc.
Unsubscribe - Detailed instructions for how to unsubscribe.
Listory - A brief history of the list.

Available on http://groups.yahoo.com/group/monkees-list :
*-denotes a members-only feature, accessible only with a valid subscription and a Yahoo ID/password.

Join, *Unsubscribe or *Edit subscription preferences
*Messages -- Read or send posts, via the web.
*Chat -- Voice enabled. For on or off topic chats.
*Files/Photos -- Download section.
*Links -- (on or off topic)
*Database -- For on-topic use, only.
*Polls -- occasional on-topic polls.
*Members -- Your fellow listers
*Calendar -- Important Monkees dates

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About Me (Melhi)

Be sure to look for my poem "In Your Eyes" in your copy of Chicken Soup For the Mother Daughter Soul, which arrived in book stores Mar. 18, 2003.

The Monkees are just one of my many, many interests. But, I've been a Monkees fan longer than I can remember. My parents tell me that, as an infant, I watched, intently, whenever they were on. My earliest Monkees memory is of watching it in syndication as a toddler and loving it. After that, I all but forgot the Monkees until rediscovering them in the mid-80s. They had me again at "Hey, hey!" You'll find I'm a much bigger fan of their album cuts than of their hits... there's nothing wrong with their hits, I've just never been a huge pop music fan, in general. My favorite Monkee is a four way tie. Each brings/brought something unique and valuable to the table. I've seen Micky, Davy and Peter live, in various configurations and I've met each, at least once. (Nez has successfully avoided me, thus far.) I've been an active member of the online Monkees fan community since early 1995 and I even met my (now) husband, on the Monkees List, later that same year.

Outside of Monkeedom, I'm happily married and the proud mother of four great kids. As of this writing, I have three who have graduated from college and my youngest is in high school. (My youngest is also currently active in serving the fan communities for two of her favorite bands: Allstar Weekend and Color You (formerly known as The Ben Ross Band.)

Our home and everything we owned, including all of both mine and my husband's extensive Monkees collections, burned to the ground on February 22, 2013. As of this writing (Nov. 2013,) we are still rebuilding. If you are interested in following our progress, please feel free to check out my blog: Hole To Home which chronicles our journey home again.

If you've seen my picture and I look familiar, it's possible you've seen me on T.V. In the mid 90s, I appeared in a tv commercial and made guest appearances for Snapple. Snippets from the spot were used as stock news footage for nearly a decade, afterward, most recently on VH1's I Love The 90s series.

I'm active in the Democratic party, webmaster my county's Democratic Party website, Secretary of my county's Democratic Party Central Committee and I serve as an appointed Democratic Party Precinct Committeeman. I'm a former candidate for public office and I was the media coordinator for a local mayoral candidate. I served on my county's Regional Economic Planning and Development Steering Committee, helping to build a regional cooperative Economic Development Corporation, then served two terms on the board of directors and then served on the Financial Advisors subcommittee until my house burned and I had to free up my schedule to deal with that.

I design and sell for several shops on Zazzle, including Melhi Ink GearCandy and Glibware, among others. In March of 2011, one of my t-shirts (commemmorating an infamous hot-mic moment from Vice President Joe Biden on the signing of Health Care Reform into law) went ultra-viral and made international headlines on TV, radio and in print media.

I am Co-founder of the USBuyBid Auto Wholesale Network(tm) and I'm currently a silent but enthusiastic partner in that venture.

I'm a published poet and parodist and was an active participant in Henson Stables' annual MS benefit Wild West Show.

Unless otherwise noted, all graphics, text, design, etc. are original Melhi creations, copyright Melhi. No portion of the Monkees101.com website or any Melhi site may be used, published or distributed in any way without permission The word "Monkees" is the trademarked property of Rhino Entertainment Company

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