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In loving memory of Monkee, Broadway star and reknowned jockey, Davy Jones. Dec. 31, 1945 - Feb. 29, 2012. R.I.P.
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To provide a moderated on-topic, conversational discussion environment for Monkees fans to participate in a friendly, intelligent discussion, debate and exchange of ideas and thoughts as pertain to the Monkees music, television program, feature film, television specials, cultural phenomenon as well as the solo careers of the men who portrayed the Monkees, the people behind both the Monkees machine and solo careers, the events surrounding the Monkees, events involving the (former) Monkees, etc.

This is a large, privately owned and operated mailing list, with a diverse membership of over 400 people from around the world. The recommended age-group for this list is 18+, which implies behavioral not necessarily chronological age. Adult listers should be aware that there are minors present and minors should be aware that they will be in conversation with adults.

New subscribers will be subject to a mandatory two week "newbie lurk" and will not be able to post to the list during that time. This is to weed out commercial spam and to give new subscribers a chance to familiarize themselves with the tone, topics and rules prior to posting.

By subscribing, listers agree to abide by the list rules, Yahoogroups TOS, the spirit of generally accepted netiquette and the laws of all possible presiding jurisdictions, at all times. Our rules are necessary to protect and maintain the free and easy flow of on-topic discussion, for all subscribers. Please read our rules before deciding whether to subscribe. If you have questions, please ask. If this list isn't for you or you'd like to explore a more specific area of Monkee fandom, a review of other lists is available in our "Other Forums" section.

*FEATURED SECTION* Please check out the "Links" section. On this page, you'll find:

  • Links to the best Monkees (and related) websites
  • Fanzine and Fanclub info
  • Autoresponder addresses to get Monkees info by e-mail
  • Links, phone numbers and addresses to get Monkees merchandise
  • Monkees contact info

Thank you,
Melhi... Owner, Monkees Mailing List.

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