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LOL "Laughing Out Loud" Never refers to one's own humor
ROFLMAO "Rolling On Floor, Laughing My @$$ Off"
RADF..."Running And Ducking From..."
TTYL"Talk To Ya Later"
LSS"Long Story Short"
IOW"In Other Words"
IMHO"In My Humble Opinion"
BTW"By The Way"
OTOH"On The Other Hand"
FWIW"For What It's Worth"
RL"Real Life"
VL"Virtual Life"
VR"Virtual Reality"
NP"Now Playing" or "No Problem"
ICYMI"In Case You Missed It"
SMH"Smacking My Head"
AFK"Away From Keyboard" (indicates extended period off-line)
/meIRC-speak for "<your name>" always precedes an action.
ALL CAPSshouting (very rude)
*stars*around any word/phrase provide emphasis.
_underlines_around any word/phrase provide emphasis.
<attribute tags>used to enclose actions or emotions
(Attributes & Smileys)
<eg>evil grin
<veg>very evil grin
<cucumber>(see veg.)
>:) evil smile
:P:p:P:p raspberries.


Monkees (or list) Specific: 
TOLThe Original List - refers to The Monkees Mailing list.
"Glenn Glenn(ing)"When your posts appear twice
PTBPowers That Be (whether now or at the time)
DMP Davy, Micky, Peter (aka the "Threekees")
DJBHDolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart
SSBShoe Suede Blues, Peter Tork's current band.
TMB or 2MBTwo Man Band - Peter & James Lee Stanley
ML1,2 or 3Missing Links 1, 2, or 3
LTTB Listen To The Band (boxset)
PACJPisces Aquarius Capricorn & Jones Ltd.
BBMThe Birds, The Bees, and The Monkees
LBM,LBYLittle Bit Me, Little Bit You
TWT,TINThat Was Then, This Is Now
LSHONZLong Sandy Hair Of Neftoon Zamora, Nez' book.

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