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AMM - Alt.Music.Monkees - on Usenet
Unmoderated Public Forum - No Host - FAQ Available

Requires a newsreader or subscription to a Usenet service such as GoogleGroups Topics and volume vary. Be aware that unmoderated forums on Usenet are "Netiquette Optional" and that posts to Usenet newsgroups are not private, they are permanantly archived in searchable databases.

The Monkees Announce List
Hosted by Brad Waddell
Suitable for all ages

Monkees announce list is a moderated announce list which sends its subscribers up to the minute news and announcements directly relating to the Monkees.

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Hosted by Zulmira

Discussion group of the MonkeesBrazil.net website. This is the only Brazilian Monkees discussion forum and the only Monkees discussion in Portuguese.

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Tropical Campfire
Hosted by Madame
Suitable for all ages

This is primarily a Monkees discussion list which focuses on the group members' works together and solo, including episodes, videos such as Elephant Parts, and of course, records. Mostly low volume (perhaps 10-20 posts/day on a busy day, which is rare); does range into topics concerning other '60s groups on occasion. Note: Younger listers may not enjoy some of the more in-depth analysis of lyrics and TLSHONZ.

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Hosted by: Scott
Suitable for all ages

This list is for those who are interested in discussion solely dedicated to the music, movies, books, and ideas of Michael Nesmith. Musicians, writers, and part-time philosophers (and everyone else) are encouraged to post. Currently generates 6 to 9 posts, daily.

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Hosted by: Laura Jones - laura@davidtjones.com
Suitable for all age groups

This list normally generates between 10-20 posts daily, but that number fluctuates. DavidJones is great for all ages and all fans. We do have our main topic (David), but we do also talk about other things, and people (monkees, usually). All Monkees fans are welcome.

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Hosted by Onedergirl
Suitable for all ages

Basically, the list is mainly to send out downloads (which include pics, wavs, etc.), but discussion is permitted and encouraged. The number of posts per day is usually around 10-15, but sometimes the list gets very quiet, or very loud.

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More Info


Wasteland - wasteland@yahoogroups.com
Hosted by JLC
Suitable for ages 13 & up

About 5-10 posts daily/1 digest per day; tone is very relaxed, open, friendly - flaming is *not* tolerated! Topic is mostly The Who with The Monkees as supporting act ;> , as well as other groups/music of the 60's. Posts include lots of on-topic content in the form of Q&A, reviews, creative threads, and a current running fanfic starring several listers. Personal chatter is allowed to a point, and new listers are always welcome.

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Hosted by Mystic

A list for Brit fans to chatter on when the topic goes awry. Every Brit on the Monkees list is welcome.

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The Shorties List
Hosted by Mystic, moderated by Aiden

A spin off from TOL, this list is only for fans of the Shorty Blackwells, the band which has TOLer Aiden as a member!

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