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Remembering and celebrating the life, work and talents of beloved Monkee, Broadway star and reknowned jockey, Davy Jones
Dec 30, 1945 - Feb 29, 2012

Remembering Davy
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It is with great sadness that we mourn the loss of our beloved Monkee, Davy Jones, taken from us at the tender age of 66. But it is with great joy that we remember and celebrate his life, his work and his many talents, on stage, screen and the race track.

Links, photos and/or video will be added soon. Please be patient as I am in shock and grieving along with all you.

Please scroll down and leave your memory, share your sorrow or express your love and to read memorials left by fellow fans from around the world who love and will forever miss, Davy.


Public Memorial in Beavertown, Pennsylvania
Sat. March 10, 2012 -- Noon to 4pm
At Davy's church on Orange St. in Beavertown, PA
The 3 hour memorial will include guest speakers. Visitors are asked to assemble, share thoughts, sing, lay a gift, light a candle, share memories or say a prayer.
Beavertown Mayor, Cloyd Wagner, has asked everyone to bring lawn chairs to accomodate festival seating.
Sarah (many of you know her from Davy's Facebook page) will be speaking and also filming this event. She has said she will try to make the footage available via Davy's Facebook page for fans who cannot attend.

Please join your fellow fans for a series of Davy Jones Memorial chats. Special thanks to Michelle for opening the old #Monkees chatroom on Dalnet, where fans gathered weekly for many years to get to know fellow fans, have viewing and listening parties and have fun. We will open the old Dalnet chatroom, again tonight, at approximately 9pm EST (New York time) and it will remain open for as long as there is someone in the room, to allow fans from all time zones to drop in at their leisure. You can access Dalnet via or via an IRC client. If you need an IRC client, you can get mIRC free for 30 days at: Download - Install - Open then, BEFORE you connect, choose a Dalnet server from the Dalnet folder on the left side of the mIRC window.) Once you are connected, you will be asked to join a room, type #Monkees (with the hashtag.) If you are joining the chat via the website, type /join #Monkees into the box after you are connected. (Note: If you connect via the default server, you will be on regular IRC, not on Dalnet, where the chat is being held.)


Davy at Epcot 2003
Davy at Epcot, 2003
© 2003 Cindi Byrkit
Used with permission.
Davy on stage - Monkees tour 2011
Davy on stage - Monkees tour 2011
© 2011 Andrea "Hoo" Chempinski
Used with permission.


From the DVD Davy was about to release - Davy talks about life. Very Moving.

A lovely interview with Micky Dolenz, on the evening of Davy's passing.

The last song Davy recorded. Written In My Heart. (You will always be written in our hearts, Davy!)


Access Hollywood speaks with Davy's Daughter, Jessica.
Autopsy confirms heart attack.
Davy's Funeral to be held in Florida.
Public Memorials to be held in New York and England.
Celebrities react to the sad news of Davy's untimely passing.


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