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Subscribing, Unsubscribing, Delivery Options, Messages and Members, Unable to Post, Rejoining After a Kick/Ban


To subscribe to The Monkees Mailing List, you will need to be registered with Yahoo. If you do not already have a Yahoo ID, you will be asked to fill out a profile. If you don't want everyone knowing your real name, use a nickname, leave your age and gender blank if you wish.



To unsubscribe The Monkees Mailing List via the web:
Log on to the Monkees-list section of Yahoogroups.
Click on "Unsubscribe"

To unsubscribe The Monkees Mailing List via e-mail:
Make sure you are sending the e-mail request from your subscribed e-mail address.
Send a blank e-mail to
Each and every mail you receive from The Monkees Mailing List includes the unsubscription address in the headers.

NOTE:Yahoogroups provides list owners and moderators with activity logs which include a complete record of all attempts to subscribe or unsubscribe the list and whether the attempts were successful. It takes members only a few seconds to unsubscribe themselves, it takes the listowner or a moderator several minutes. If a request is received for a manual unsub, we will not unsub you unless a search of our activity logs, on your subscribed e-mail address, returns a recorded attempt, by you, to unsubscribe or you provide us with a legitimate reason for being unable to do so.

Delivery Options

Yahoogroups allows you to choose whether you receive reflected, digest or no-mail.

  • "No Mail" is a handy feature for vacationing listers, listers who are between e-mail addresses, those who prefer to view posts on the Monkees-list section of the Yahoogroups website and listers who need to unsubscribe, temporarily, for any reason.
  • Digests are merely a collection of the day's posts in one longer mail.
  • "Reflected version" (or "individual e-mails,") sometimes called "list proper" means you will receive each mail, individually, as it is sent to the list.

To change your e-mail address:

  • Log on to Yahoogroups
  • On the upper right hand side of screen, click on "Account Info"
  • After you enter your password, you'll be taken to your Yahoo ID card.
  • Click the "Edit Button" in the "Member Information bar"
  • Where you see your old e-mail address, delete it and type in your new one.
    • If you wish to keep both your new and old addresses:
    • There are spaces for two alternate e-mail addresses,
    • Where you see your old address, enter your new address in the other space.
  • Scroll to bottom of the form and click "Finished"
  • You will be taken back to the Yahoogroups page.
  • On the upper right side of the page, click on "My groups"
  • You'll see a list of your groups.
  • Click "verify."
    • Check your e-mail on the new address for a mail from Yahoo.
    • Enter the confirmation code from that mail and your Yahoogroups password in the verification box.
    • You'll be taken back to the list of your groups.
  • Click the "Edit My Groups" tab.
  • Select your new address from the drop down boxes next to each list
  • Click on "Save Changes"
  • You're finished and will be taken back to the "My Groups" screen.

How do I read the archives or find out who's on the list?

Log on to Yahoogroups and choose "Messages" or "Members" from the options available.

I've joined, but I can't post!

Our newbies undergo a 2 week probationary lurk, called a "Newbie Lurk." This is to give newbies a chance to observe the conversation, get a feel for the tone and acquaint themselves with the rules before posting on a regular basis. The newbie lurk also helps weed out those who join with ulterior motives (example: commercial advertisers.) We grant voice manually and sometimes we do miss someone, by mistake. If you are a returning subscriber, an existing subscriber adding or switching e-mail addresses or you find you do not have posting priveleges after two weeks, please contact the mod staff.

If you've been a member for awhile and do not fit any of the above descriptions:

  • If you are still getting posts, you are still on the active subscribers list.
    • Your posts may have been lost or delayed due to a glitch on your end, Yahoo's or somewhere in-between.
    • You may be attempting to post from an address which is not identical to your subscribed e-mail address.
    • Check your account settings on Yahoogroups. If you do not have full posting priveleges, your account was probably reset during a system glitch. E-mail the Mod staff for a manual voice reset.
  • If you are not receiving posts from the list, you are either not subscribed or your account is bouncing. Log on to Yahoogroups to check the status of your membership.
    • If your account is bouncing, refer to Yahoogroups "help" section for information about restoring active status on all of your subscribed Yahoogroups lists.
    • If you are not subscribed, do not automatically assume you have been banned. We average only nine bans per year and most are persons who do not join out of an interest in the Monkees. To determine whether you have been banned, attempt to resubscribe. Yahoogroups will notify you if your attempt was unsuccessful due to a ban.
        If you are not banned
      • Your subscription may have been lost to a system glitch - simply resubscribe.
      • You may have been kicked for a reason other than a violation - simply resubscribe.
        • Kick due to a bouncing account which appears to be inactive or abandoned.
        • (VERY rarely)Extremely unintelligible posts.
        If you were banned, it was for one of the following reasons:
      • Rules violation.
      • Failure to follow above after reminders and/or voice removal
      • On-list violation of Yahoogroups TOS
      • Unlawful conduct
      • Abuse policy violation
        • Examples include but are not limited to: using the list to abuse, harass, threaten, stalk, advertise to, study, defame, libel, collect or disseminate private information about, attempt to harm, annoy or frighten or to commit any actionable offense against any member(s); abusing, harassing, threatening, defaming, libeling, flaming, stalking, attempting or threatening to harm in any way, collecting or disseminating private information about or committing any actionable offense against the list, the listowner and/or a mod, on-list or off.

I screwed up - I've been kick/banned, now what?

On most larger, long established, organized lists the only penalty is kick/ban and all bans are permanent. We offer newbie assistance and have lesser penalties for many rules violations. While most of our bans are permanent, as is standard, the listowner does, very rarely, institute a so-called "probationary ban," instead. Probationary bans have the privelege to petition the listowner for a lift of ban after a period of one year (time may vary in special circumstances.) This is no guarantee that the ban will be lifted. If you wish to know the status of your ban, contact the listowner.

To petition for a lift of probationary ban, you will have to state your offense(s), appologise and ask the listowner's permission to rejoin, by private mail. Your request, all files pertaining to your case, fairness to other listers or banned members, past, present or future and potential member reaction to your return will be reviewed and discussed by the listowner, the mod staff and may also be reviewed by a council of elders and/or any member(s) affected by your violation.

If you are granted permission to rejoin, your return will be subject to special conditions set forth by the listowner. This will include, in all cases, but will not necessarily be limited to both a repeat of newbie lurk and that you never mention, on list, either your violation or your ban, under any circumstances, even if asked about it by another member. If a petition for lift of ban is turned down, or the ban is more than two years old, the ban becomes permanent. The listowner reserves the right to commute any probationary ban to permanent or to dispense with probationary bans, without notification or explanation. The Monkees Mailing List is not a public forum, it is privately owned and operated. Subscribers (aka members or listers) are considered honored guests of the listowner.

If you have any questions not covered on this website, please e-mail the mod staff.

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"The Monkees Mailing List" is the original Monkees mailing list on the net, founded Feb 1995 by Brad Waddell, owned and operated by Melhi since Feb 1999. Unless otherwise credited, all content and design, other than sponsors' ads, are original Melhi creations, copyright Melhi and may not be used without permission.