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The Monkees Mailing List is a privately owned and operated mailing list. By subscribing, you agree to abide by the list rules and adhere to Yahoogroups TOS and the laws in all possible presiding jurisdictions, at all times. These rules are necessary to protect the free and easy flow of on-topic conversation and are subject to change without notice. This website will always have the most current copy of the list rules.

List Rules:

  1. New listers will be subbed without posting priveleges (without voice) for the first two weeks. This probationary period weeds out commercial spam and functions as a "trial membership" that allows newbies a chance to acquaint themselves with the rules and forum prior to joining the conversations in progress. Voices are set manually by the mod staff, if you do not receive posting priveleges after two weeks or you are a returning lister, please e-mail the list owner for voice.

  2. This list is for mature, intelligent discussion of the Monkees and closely related topics. Conversation may, at times, be harshly critical of the Monkees' work or involve passionate but friendly debates and disagreements. The recommended age for this list is 18+, this implies behavioral age, not necessarily chronological age and mature minors are welcome. Any lister, regardless of age, who behaves or reacts in a childish manner will be removed from the list.

  3. Limit your posts to three or fewer per day. Match your subject line to the content of the post. If you have replies to comments in several posts, you can adhere to the 3 post/day limit by batching these replies into a single post.

  4. No extra long messages (over 8K) without prior permission from the listowner and/or moderators (exception: Reviews.) Keep sig files short or turn them off. Attachments are not allowed and are stripped from posts, automatically, by Yahoogroups.

  5. DO NOT quote entire posts to reply to one comment or reply with no reference to the original. Let us know exactly what part of whose post you are answering. Sign every post with your name or online nick.

  6. This is a text-only (print) medium. Posts must be as uncluttered and literate as any other print medium (books, newspapers, etc.) Use spell check, if you need it. Plain black text, only! No "yearbook-speak" ("UR2good2B4gotN,") scripts, binary, hex, HTML etc. No ALL-CAPS posts, scrolling posts, etc. If you use divider lines in your post, each divider should be simple (dashes work well,) no longer than necessary and preceded & followed by a blank line.

  7. No on-list asking for or advertising of dupes of material still (or soon to be) available at retail. Trade or (not-for-profit) for-sale lists are not to be posted on a regular basis and may contain no more than three items - ask listers to follow a URL or e-mail you privately for a copy of your full list.
    If you intend to post your offer more than one time, please contact the mod staff to request permissions and guidelines.

  8. No posting private mail from other listers (or anyone else) w/o their permission.

  9. Please refrain from including Monkees-list@yahoogroups in crossposts. A "Crosspost" is an e-mail or post with more than one address in the "To" and/or "CC" fields. The only exception is the regular crossposting of Monkees news, alerts and concert reviews to both this list and Brad's Monkees Alert List. Note: We cannot enforce, in regards to any crosspost, those of our rules which would otherwise protect your privacy and/or your copyrights to that post.

  10. No publishing list posts on web or elsewhere w/o permission of the original author(s) of the text contained there-in, this includes public archiving. Private archives are available to subscribers on the list manager page. Each lister retains copyright to his/her posts.

  11. Personal problems with listers belong in private mail. No flaming or flame-baiting. No trolling. No volatile topics (politics, religion, substance abuse, old flame wars, etc.)

  12. No posting any Monkee's private e-mail or home address/phone info (OR how to get this information) w/o permission from that Monkee AND the listowner. Do not address your posts to the individual Monkees, they are not subscribers and will not see your message.

  13. No spamming, no profiteering -- No commercial ads, auction ads, ads for other forums, etc. and no general interest (hoaxes, mail everybody you can, etc.)forwards. WE DO NOT SUPPLY FREE ADVERTISING. The posting of affiliate links (even in sig files) is a privelege reserved to the mod staff. Special permission or paid advertising space for Monkees & related ads may be granted by the listowner upon private mail request. Virus warnings are allowed only when it is possible for the virus to spread via this list and the post includes proof that the virus is real.

  14. Attempts to defraud listers, in any way, will meet with immediate kick and permanent ban.

  15. This is a MONKEES list. Posts are to remain on topic within our Mission Statement and the guidelines listed below.

    • Absolutely no fanfic or round robins.

    • Listfic and clubhouse references should be used in purposeful context and kept to a bare minimum. Original *stand-alone* humor pieces (parodies, etc.) should originate only from the current threads and also be kept to a bare minimum. These things can enhance our discussions, but should not dominate our discussions.

    • No Blogs! Personal content should be limited to the information you might include in an introduction, mentions of RL milestone events such as weddings, births or birthdays, descriptions of lister meets/gatherings at Monkee events and (just enough) background information to illustrate a point in the context of an on-topic discussion.

    • This is not an appropriate forum for "<monkee> is soooo cute" or "I want to marry <monkee>" discussion, sometimes referred to as "Oooh Davy," content. While their teen idol appeal is/was a huge part of the Monkees phenomenon, it is not the focus of this particular forum's discussions. Additionally, we ask that listers not gossip about the private lives of the Monkees beyond discussion of that which is public knowledge in the mainstream.

    • No adult-only content and no advertising of links or addresses which will provide a path to adult-only material, even in headers and sig files. Violation will result in immediate kick and permanent ban.

    • The list owner and/or moderator(s) reserve the right to ask that any topic or thread be moved off list. If you create a new list, for continuation of such a topic, you may post one invitation for other listers to join it.

  16. Discussion about the list, itself, is off-topic. Comments, questions and complaints about the list, rules and/or the operation of the list will be directed by private mail to the mod staff and will not be addressed to the list at large. Do not post unsubscription requests to the list - unsubscription information is included in the headers of every e-mail you receive from Monkees-list. (See "Unsubscription" section for more information.

  17. It is recommended (NOT REQUIRED) that listers also join the Monkees announce list, which sends its subscribers the lastest news about the Monkees. Monkee Alert is hosted by Brad Waddell (founder and previous owner of this list) Click here to subscribe


Abuse Policy:
Abuse of the Monkees Mailing List forum or use of the Monkees Maling List forum to abuse others will not be tolerated. Violations will result in permanent ban.

    Examples of Abuse Policy Violations include but are not limited to:
  1. Using the list to abuse, harass, threaten, stalk, advertise to, study, defame, libel, collect or disseminate private information about, attempt to harm, annoy or frighten or to commit any actionable offense against any member(s)
  2. Abusing, harassing, threatening, defaming, libeling, flaming, stalking, attempting or threatening to harm in any way, collecting or disseminating private information about or committing any actionable offense against the list, the listowner and/or a mod, or enlisting another person(s) to do so, whether this is done on-list or off.


Failure to follow these rules will usually result in one of three things:

  • A warning
  • A loss of posting priveleges for two weeks
  • Ban

This is at the discretion of the listowner and/or moderators.   For more information about your subscription, banned accounts, trouble-shooting any problems with your subscription, tips for text-based communications or if you'd like to learn about special features available to Monkees-list members, please visit our Help section.

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"The Monkees Mailing List" is the original Monkees mailing list on the net, founded Feb 1995 by Brad Waddell, owned and operated by Melhi since Feb 1999. Unless otherwise noted, all graphics, text, site design, etc other than sponsors' ads are original Melhi creations, copyright Melhi and may not be used without permission.