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Helpful tips for those who want to be "must reads"

  1. Lists and newsgroups are text based communities, not websites. If you're sending HTMLized e-mails/posts, please turn off this feature when posting. Remember, many news and mail readers won't accomodate the feature and many lists/groups forbid it, including The Monkees Mailing List.

  2. Newsgroups and lists are communities which communicate solely by the written word. Many Internet users are blind or do not read English and make use of voice or language translation software to "read" the English language text on their screens. You don't have to be the spelling bee champion of all time, but if your spelling is extremely poor, use a spell-check program or consult a pocket dictionary before posting to mailing lists or newsgroups.

  3. Be yourself. Genuine people shine like rare precious gems in RL and on the net. When you write to a newsgroup or list, write as though you are speaking to a friendly acquaintance (leave out the overly personal stuff you'd say to close friends.)

  4. Sig files are meant to be *tiny* glimpses into who you are or what you do (a quote, a quip, a clever one-liner, your position/profession, etc.) and/or a URL directing others to pages that will tell them more. Short sig files get noticed and read while lengthy sig files are considered extremely rude. On the net, whether it's sig files, texts, graphics or what-ever, less is always more.

  5. Don't sweat it if you post and no one answers... even if you post the most brilliant thing ever posted on the Internet. It's nothing personal and it happens to all of us. Maybe you said it all and nobody can think of anything to add. If you asked a question, maybe nobody knew the answer. Maybe they're all afraid their responses would pale in comparison to your genius. Unfortunately, on most forums, you can trust that if other forum members don't like you, you'll get plenty of responses to let you know it. Note: On Monkees List, you don't have to worry about this. Personal problems with other listers are to be kept off-list.

  6. If you join a forum that is supposed to be on-topic, set a good example for new members by staying on topic, even in the most tempting of circumstances. If others stray from the topic, don't compound the problem by straying from it, yourself. Don't answer the off-topic post, on or off of the forum and don't complain on the forum or privately to the author. If it is a real problem, which you feel violates the rules of the forum, contact the forum's owner, moderator or staff, privately. If it's a forum with no management, such as an unmoderated Usenet newsgroup, just ignore it.

  7. When it isn't fun, anymore: The best "kill file" and "spam filter" you'll ever have is your own eyes (or ears if you read with voice translation software) and no forum is going to change to suit you. It's up to you to pick and choose what's right for you. If you don't want to read something, don't. If you don't want something on your computer, delete it, filter it before it comes in or unsub the service sending it. If you don't like and have no intention of following rules, don't join a forum that has them. By the same token, if you expect others to behave a certain way or for a forum to be relatively free of spam, trolls and/or flame wars, don't join a forum without both rules and a staff that enforces them. If a forum causes you stress, wears you out, gives you panic attacks, makes you angry, etc., don't put yourself though it. It isn't the enjoyable or interesting leisure activity you hoped it would be when you joined. Leave the forum (resist the urge to send an exit post, it'll only make you look childish and vindictive) and find or start one that is right for you.

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