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Welcome to the Monkees Book FAQ!

On this page, you will find a list of books written by and about the Monkees, as well as journal articles and books with significant portions on the Monkees. Books, magazines and other literature which do not have significant portions on the Monkees, but do contain Monkees mentions are listed in the Monkees Print Reference FAQ.

A listing in this FAQ does not mean that a publication is still in print or still available at retail. Some great sources for books which cannot be found at retail, are: Garage sales, flea markets and used book stores. For an even better chance, sign up for Golden Treasures Monkees catalog (see the Links/Merchandise section of this site for contact info.)

Please do not distribute this FAQ, in any form, for any purpose, without permission.

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Monkee Info

The Monkees: The Day By Day Story of the 60's TV Pop Sensation
Andrew Sandoval
ISBN: 1592233724
Paperback, 288 pages
June 10, 2005

Monkee Mania: The True Story of the Monkees
Glenn A. Baker
ISBN: 0-312-00003-0 (pbbk)
ISBN NO. 0-85965-256-4 (reprint)

The Monkees Tale
Eric Lefcowitz
ISBN: 0-86719-338-7

The Monkees Scrapbook
Ed Finn and T. Bone
ISBN: 0-86719-356-5

The Monkees Photo Album
Joe Russo
ISBN: (none)

THE MONKEES - A Manufactured Image: The Ultimate Reference Guide to Monkee Memories & Memorabilia
Edward Reilly, Maggie McManus and William Chadwick
Popular Culture Ink.
ISBN: 1-56075-032-4

Mutant Monkees Meet the Masters of the Multimedia Manipulation Machine
Davy Jones and Alan Green
ISBN: 0-9631235-0-5.

Hey Hey We're The Monkees
Published by: Stoddard (Oct. 1996)
Edited by: Harold Bronson
ISBN 1-57544-012-1

Hey Hey We're The Monkees
Mary Ann Cassata
Published by: New Amer Library (Nov. 1986)
ISBN: 0451821629

The Monkees, Memories & the Magic
Edward Wincentsen
Published by: Wynn Publishing
ISBN: 0-9642808-8-4.

The Monkees Collectibles Price Guide
Marty Eck
Published by: Antique Trader
ISBN: 0930625188

The Monkees - An Outsider's Retrospective
Jim Duriga
Published by: Seneca-Secor Books; (June 6, 2003)
ISBN: 1889991279

The Ultimate Monkees Trivia Book
Ellen L. Puerzer
Published by: Puerzer Publishing (July 1987)

Monkees Bios

I'm A Believer: My Life of Monkees, Music, and Madness
Micky Dolenz & Mark Bego
ISBN: 1-56282-847-9

They Made A Monkee Out Of Me
Davy Jones
ISBN: 0-9618614-0-1

Total Control: THe Michael Nesmith Story
Randi Massingill 1997
Updated Version - Jan. 2005

Books - Original 1960s era

The Monkees
Gene Fawcett and Howard Liss
A Popular Library Book

The Monkees Go Mod
Patrick O'Connor
A Popular Library Book

Love Letters To The Monkees
Selected by Bill Adler
Illustrated by Jack Davis
Popular Library, 1967

The Monkees Go Ape
Bill Adler

Who's Got The Button?
William Johnston
Western Publishing Company, Inc 1968

The Monkees Annual
(1967, 1968, 1969) [three different books]
Century 21 Publishing Ltd. & City Magazines Ltd.
94 pages, hardbound (similar to a magazine only hardcover)

Books Containing significant section on the Monkees

Stu Who: Forty Years of Navigating the Minefields of the Music Business
Publisher: Cisum Press; (October 1, 2002)
ISBN: 0972036334
Autobiography of Grammy Award winning composer and record producer Stu Phillips. Stu composed scores for dozens of movies and television series, including the background music for all but four episodes of the Monkees TV series. This book includes his experience with the show and includes a picture of Davy that no one else in the world has!

Groove Tube: Sixties Television and the Youth Rebellion
by Aniko Bodroghkozy.
Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2001.
Chapter 2: The Counterculture on TV contains a 10 page analysis of The Chaperone episode as a satire of the military.
Photo of Micky in drag with the General.

Are You Ready For the Country?
by Peter Dogget.
Two or three chapters about Mike Nesmith's role in the 60s/70s country-rock scene, including The First National Band and his Monkees era country rock.

Hal Blaine and the Wrecking Crew
Hal Blaine and David Goggin
one chapter with anectodes

When The Music Mattered
Bruce Pollock
one chapter with Peter interview and anecdotes from headquarters session

Inside Pop -- America's Top Ten Groups
David Dachs
1968 Scholastic Book Services.
one chapter (#5) on band, series and guys themselves

Favorite Pop/Rock Lyrics
edited by Jerry L Walker
(c) 1973, 1969 Scholastic Magzines Inc.
lyrics to Tapioca Tundra and Daydream Believer

Where Are You Now, Bo Diddley?
individual chapters on Micky and Peter

Waiting for the Sun
a couple of pages on the Monkees

American Hit Radio
Thomas Ryan
Prima Publishing 1996
pages on six Monkees tunes plus comments from the Monkees

The Lost Lennon Interviews
Geoffrey Giuliano
interview with Peter

The Jimi Hendrix Companion: Three Decades of Commentary
by Chris Potash
Contains an interview with Peter, Micky and Mike from "Guitar World" regarding the Monkees tour with Hendrix

Marilyn Beck's Hollywood
rare post-Monkees interview with Davy

The Films of Jack Nicholson
by Douglas Brodie
a chapter on HEAD with pictures

Kaleidescope Eyes: Psychedelic Music From the 1960s to the 1990s
by Jim DeRogatis
Publisher: Fourth Estate, London
ISBN: 1-85702-599-7
Reference: pp. 186-187... Number One on the author's list of "one-hit wonders" (psychedelically speaking) is The Monkees' "Porpoise Song". The author, a former Sr. Editor at Rolling Stone Magazine plus nice info

TV Rock
by Mark Bego
Paperjacks Inc
Copyright Aug. 1988
ISBN 0-7701-0982-9

23 pages covering the series and 33 1/3

Cult TV
John Java
1985, St. Martins Press
ISBN 0-312-17848-4 (paperback)
Contains 4 pages on the Monkees TV series

Files Magazine Spotlight on the Monkees
Editor, Hal Schuster
1986, PsiFi Movie Press (paperback)
ISBN 1-55698-005-1

The All-Stars From Rock & Roll's Hall Of Fame Rock 100
by David Dalton & Lenny Kaye
couple of pages on the Monkees

Off The Record
by Joe Smith
couple of pages with Mike interview

Ticket To Ride
by Denny Somach, Kathkeen Somach & Kevin Gunn
couple of pages on individual interviews with Davy, Peter & Micky

Who's Your Fave Rave?
by Randi Reisfield and Danny Fields
Boulevard Books
ISBN: 157297253X
Aug 1997
compilation of 16 magazine heartthrobs. pages 99-102

FLiP's Groovy Guide to the Groups
by the editors of SLiP Magazine
Signet Books, 1969
each guy gets 2-3 pages for bio and pictures

10,000 Secrets of 101 Stars
Compiled by Liz Dagucon
The Laufer Company / TiGER beat
-2 pages on each of the guys. A phot and brief bio.

Stars and their Cars
by George Barris
The Laufer Company / TiGER beat
three pages on the Monkeemobile design and creation

Rhino Presents The Greatest Rock & Roll Stories
by Art Fein
General Publishing Group (1996)
ISBN: 1-881649-75-X
This book has several "scoop" stories on what _really_ happened in rock&roll history including: "Stephen Stills Flunks Monkees Audition","Monkees Annouce They're 'Plastic'","Hendrix Booted from Monkees Tour by DAR (Not)" and a bit about the Plaster Casters.

Lamparski's Whatever Became of...? 2nd Annual
by Richard Lamparski
Bantam Books, New York
-has Peter Tork chapter p 264-271 with B&W photos

Something to Write Home About
Mar. 31, 2003.
A collection of personal baseball memories told in handwritten letters from well- known personalities, including one from Peter Tork.

Journal Articles

Journal of Popular Film and Television
"The Monkees and the Deconstruction of Television Realism"
by Laura Goostree
Summer 1988, Vol. 16, #2
Nine Page article on the tv show

Today's Chiropractic
Sept./Oct. 1997 issue.
Davy Jones: Still a Believer.
Cover concert photo of Davy in red.

Central PA
Dec. 2000 issue.
Monkee in the Middle of Nowhere
On Davy Jones living in Pennsylvnia.

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