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Need Monkees Sheet Music or Midi software for your own Monkees cover or tribute?

Welcome to The Monkees Covers and Tributes FAQ!

In this FAQ, you'll find information about covers of Monkees songs, Monkees Tribute Albums and Monkees tribute bands!

Have a submission? Send it to: and put "Cover FAQ" in the subject line!

If you're not sure what kind of info to send, just send all the info you have or take a look, below, to see what kind of info is included with each type of entry.

Please note that, to keep this page down to a reasonable size, this FAQ cannot extend to include all the live covers of Monkees songs performed each night by the thousands of so-called "unknown" bands out there.

However, please do send all the information you can if you know of a relatively unknown band that has a regional radio hit with a Monkees cover or has a Monkees cover used as opening or closing theme music for a television program, special or movie (or a regular radio program) or if the band releases an album or single that includes a Monkees cover and is available in stores outside of the band's immediate area.

If you happen to be at home or at the office cleaning your desk and see an incomplete or incorrect entry and you know the missing or correct information, PLEASE send it along!

Thanks and enjoy!

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The Monkees Covers & Tributes FAQs


Tribute Albums

Here No Evil-A Tribute to the Monkees
Long Play Records
1992 Out of Print
Produced by: Jim Johnson

1. The Day We Fall In Love -Deacon Lunchbox
2. Take A Giant Step-The Chant
3. St. Matthew-Bob Rupe Band
4. Last Train To Clarksville-Big Fish Ensemble
5. Pleasant Valley Sunday- Magnapop
6. Valleri- Mitch Easter
7. The Door Into Summer- Pat ohnson and the Wellsprings of Hope
8. Circle Sky- The Diggers
9. You Just May Be The One- Peter Holsapple
10. Mr. Webster- Anne Richmond Boston
11. Let's Dance On- The Doll Squad
12. Sweet Young Thing- Opium Hello
13. The Kind Of Girl I Could Love- Vulgar Boatman
14. What Am I Doing Hangin' Round?- Those Big Belt Buckles
15. A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You- Cruisin'
16. Randy Scouse Git- Live Bait
17 Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day- Larry Joe Miller & The Rockabilly Rockets
18. Gonna Buy Me A Dog- Boise and Moss with a Side of Hamm
19. You Told Me- Multi-Color House
20. Daydream Believer- Man Size Job
21. (Theme From) The Monkees- The Flying Subs

Monkees - A Tribute
All songs performed by Studio 99

1. Monkees Theme
2. Little Bit Me Little Bit You
3. Daydream Believer
4. Saturday's Child
5. The Girl I Knew Somewhere
6. Alternate Title
7. I Want to be Free
8. Pleasant Valley Sunday
9. Words
10. Mary Mary
11. Valleri
12. I'm a Believer
13. I'm Not Your Stepping Stone
14. Last Train to Clarksville

Tribute Bands

Missing Links Tribute Band
The Missing links perform worldwide, are one of the top working tribute bands in the country and were voted the TOP LA tribute look and sound alike band of 1996.

Davy Jones -- Daniel Steven Lopez
Micky Dolenz -- Howard Pattow
Peter Tork -- Benny Chadwick (no relation to Bill Chadwick)
Mike Nesmith -- Gary Glickman (no relation to Wizard Glick)
Chip Douglas -- Robert Calva (fills out the musical arrangements, plays guitar, bass and keyboards)

Booking info : (626)334-8490 or

The Pleasant Valley Psychos
The Monkees meet Wierd Al.
Milwaulkee area tribute band.
Contact: Spansail Law Offices, 964-2991

The Cheeky Monkees
Award winning UK Monkees tribute (lookalike) band

The TEMA Music Agency
TEMA International
151 Nork Way

The TEMA Music Agency
Telephone: 01737 219607
Fax: 01737 21609


DayDream Believer
Nick BerryHeartbeat Sdtk(used as background music for TV Show)1993 UK
BoyzoneB-side to Love Me For A ReasonStraight Cover w/ added lines1994 Ireland
The single reached No. 2 in the UK national chart. Added spoken line at the beginning, "Okay kiddie-k, get off your horse and drink that milk [laughter]"
Carnabeats First Album (+ Bonus Tracks)   
Four TopsLook Of Love  
Lord SitarLord SitarIndian-esque, psychedelic/pop1968, EMI
interesting for rumors that Lord Sitar was actually Beatle George Harrison. (It wasn't.) Nobody knows whether Lord Sitar was one person or many
Mary Beth MaziarzDawson's Creek TV Soundtrack-Volume 2Melancholy ballad w/ piano accompany (2000) Sony Columbia
Midget Lost World EpHeavy Metal Late 90s (UK band)
Anne MurrayBest...So Far
Now & Forever
Special Collection
ResidentsResidue DeuxSlow, weird, avant-jazz/rock??? 
Known for bizarre covers of pop music, this group rarely performed live, never revealed their names or faces and never granted interviews. Their name was bestowed upon them by the press, for their habit of mailing demos to "Residents" of famous addresses, including at least one demo sent to Nixon's Whitehouse.
Robson & Jerome Love Songs  
Shonen Knife Happy HourJapanese Punk Pop (in English)1998 Big Deal Records
John StewartAirdream Believer-Retrospective
Deep In The Neon
Lonesome Picker Rides Again
Folk interpretation 
Paul WesterbergGravel Pit 1994



I'm A Believer
Nina Hagen   
Smash MouthShrek SdtkStraight Cover 



Last Train to Clarksville
Mike Auldridge Mike AuldridgeInstrumental BluegrassFlying Fish Records
George BensonCollection Jazz instrumentalWarner Bros.
Flatt & Scruggs1964-69 (Box)BlueGrass 
Four Tops    
Jordans Hits Collection (Brasil)
LudichristImmaculate Deception (remastered) Speed Metal1986? Combat Records
Manfred MannAscent Of Mann: Fontana YearsInstrumental 
PlasticsAll Across The Usa (Live 1980)  
Jerry ReedAlabama Wild Man/Explores Guitar  
ShadowsFrom Hank Bruce Brian & John  
Billy StrangeRailroad ManInstrumental Roots aka Loungeabilly 
Sugar BeatsHow Sweet It Is Straight cover1991
Cassandra WilsonNew Moon Daughter Slow Jazz1995 Bluenote



Mary, Mary
Paul Butterfield Blues Band  1966
Run DMCTougher Than LeatherHip Hop1988
StrangersRipples Volume 7 Rainbows 2000



Pleasant Valley Sunday
Code of EthicsArms Around the World 1995
Mister T Experience (MTX)Everyone's Entitled to Their Own OpinionLite-Punk1986



Porpoise Song
BongwaterDouble BummerExperimental Rock1988
The ChurchBox of Birdsstraight cover 
The Jams/TimelordsHistory of the Jams aka the TimelordsElectronica1988 Scotland
TroublePlastic Green HeadExperimental Rock1996



Randy Scouse Git
Bad MannersDon't Knock the Bald HeadSka1997 UK



Shades of Grey
Mind Veneration   
Sons Of Champlin  (pre-Monkees recording, but released later)



Some of Shelly's Blues
Continental DriftersContinental DriftersAmericana1994
Nitty Gritty Dirt BandNitty Gritty Dirt BandCountry Rock1967
Linda RonstadtDifferent Drum 1974



Stepping Stone
Feminine ComplexTo Be In Lovegarage1997
HeartbreakersWhat Goes Aroundpunk1991 (recorded live in 70s)
Jimi HendrixRainbow Bridge 1971
IdolsWith Sid Vicious  
KrewmenPlague of the Deadpsychobilly1990
Minor ThreatComplete Discographypunk1988
NylonsSeamless 1986
Merlon ParkasFace in the CrowdMod1979 UK
Paul Revere & The RaidersMidnight 1966
Sex PistolsGreat Rock n Roll Swindle videopunk1979
Six Feet UnderGraveyard ClassicsRip off of sex pistols cover
with death metal vocals
StillrovenCast Thy Burden Upon the Stillroven 1996
Johnny ThundersStations of the Crosspunk1987
The TrashmenBird Call! The Twin City
Stomp of the Trashmen
UntouchablesWild Child
Decade of Dance, Live
Sid ViciousLive at the Electric Ballroompunk1994



Sweet Young Thing
Bent Backed TulipsLooking Through 1995



Take a Giant Step .
Dose HermanosSearch For Intelligent Lifejazz2000
Taj MahalGiant Step 1969



Tear Drop City
SkeletonsNothing To LoseRoots1997



You Just May Be the One
BongwaterDouble Bummerexperimental rock1988



If You Have The Time Bill Chadwick
I'll Be Back Up On My FeetMusic Fair
Saturday's ChildHerman's Hermits
She Hangs OutQuincy Jones
Someday ManPaul Williams
Words Leaves


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