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Welcome to the Monkees TV References FAQ!

This FAQ lists references to the Monkees on television, radio programs, movies, apartments once lived in by band members as a kind of apartment finder reference, etc., which are not otherwise about the Monkees. These may be verbal, musical or visual references. Titles (listed in alphabetical order) are followed by air date and a brief description of the reference.

Originally created and maintained by Hooloovoo and Saturday's Child, this FAQ grows only from fan submissions, so if you spot a Monkees reference that isn't already listed here, jot down the info and send it to

Distribution of this FAQ in any form is forbidden without permission.

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ABC (interview program) (12/27/96)
In an interview for the movie Evita, Madonna noted that the only difference between her and Evita Peron was that Madonna had a crush on a Monkee (Micky).

The Angry Beavers (1997)
"I'm a Believer" was used as background music during a bicycle race scene with the beavers competing for a "Lickety Split" log.

Alias Smith and Jones (1987)
In a sketch about the free spirited 60s, Griff stated, "I think old God, he looked down and He said, That's enough of *that* old Malogi, cop a bit of this and see how you like it.' Yeah! That's what I reckon." Mel replied, "Nah. Don't be so . . . don't be so supercilious, don't be so silly. No! Don't be so daft! There's a perfectly rational, medical, scientific explanations for why AIDS has suddenly cropped up like this.
Griff:"Now why is that then?"
Mel: "Well, it's all to do with the monkeys innit?"
Griff: "Really?"
Mel: "Yeah"
Griff: Now, it was only four of them wasn't it? Playin' their picks.
Mel: " No! No! I'm talking about the monkeys in the jungle."

Another World (? Feb 96)
Dr. Morgan Winthrop was told he looked like Micky Dolenz of the Monkees to which he replied The Monkees were his favourite show as a kid.

Austin Powers movie promo on Comedy Central (1997)
To promote this new movie, comedy Central did a spoof on A&E Biography called "Spyography" -- "Canned Ham presents Austin Powers -- International Man of Mystery." Peter Tork appeared a few times, saying things like, "We four Monkees were about to ask Austin Powers to become the fifth Monkee, but then he was frozen."

Austin Powers 2
Sountrack includes "I'm a Believer" (available on the second sountrack album.) During the song, "What Do You Get When You Fall in Love" there's a copy of the "David Jones" LP and a woman is holding a copy of "More of the Monkees." Austin wears an orange velvet Monkees-style shirt.

Beavis and Butthead (09/04/95) MTV
Butthead asks, "Is this the Monkees?" Beavis replies, "It looks like the Blow Monkeys" Butthead asks, "Is this the episode where they go to the dude ranch?"

Beverly Hills 90210 (11/95)
'I'm a Believer' plays in the background at the Peach Pit. In answer to a police officer with a picture of a suspected scam artist, Nat says, "Never seen her face before."

Beverly Hills 90210 (12/18/96)
For Christmas, David received a pair of tickets to the Monkees reunion concert. The character who gave him the tickets said, "There's more to life than rap music." He replied, "I'm a believer."

Blind Date (4/30/02)
As the couple enters a car museum, the words "I'm Not Your Stepping Stone" appear on the screen. Once inside, the curator introduces himself and the first car he shows them is the Monkeemobile.

Breakfast Time (11/27/95) FX Network
"Her name was Roseanne..." was sung to the tune of Nez' song, Joanne, to introduce a guest named Roseanne.

Bullet in the Head (??date) Motion Picture
The theme song for the movie was a sax version of "I'm a Believer." Also. a nightclub band sang the song later in the movie.

Cactus Flower (1964) Motion Picture
Goldie Hawn's character is shown at a club dancing to instrumental jazz versions of "She Hangs Out" and "I'm a Believer."

Canada AM (11/25/97)
In an interview with Duran Duran, they said that they felt like the Monkees when making their new video (?Pretty Barbarella).

Come On Get Happy (6/2000)
Partridge Family Biopic on VH1
"Dave Madden" and "Danny Bonaduce" are looking through a teen magazine which has several pictures of Davy and Micky.

Conan O'Brien (3-12-03)
Conan to horn player who was playing maracas and tambourine: "That will make the tambourine look cooler, throw some maracas in there. Somewhere Davy Jones from the Monkees is laughing at you, buddy."
Coogan's Run [BBC] (12/08/95)
The main character, a musician, performed a (horrible) version of "I'm a Believer."

Countrylink Trains (1997)
In the Australian ad for Countrylink Trains, the first five lines of "Last Train to Clarksville" are sung replacing Clarksville' with Countrylink.'

The Critic (?date)
In this cartoon series, Jay seems about to sleep with his friend's sister. She decides to come clean about her past lovers. In the middle of a long list she mentions "Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork, Peter Tosh, Mickey Roarke."

Dateline NBC (11/07/95)
In the "What year was it?" segment the question was "The Monkees had a #1 hit with the song "Last Train to Clarkesville." (Answer: 1966)

The Daily News (Comedy Central) (03/15/97)
The host asked Charles Osgood, "Who was the least talented of the Monkees?" Charles Osgood's answer was, "They all were a little bit talented, weren't they?" The host said, "The answer is any one except Michael Nesmith."

Debt (Lifetime Cable Network, 09/24/96)
During the finalist's last round of questions on this game show, the question "What city was it that the Monkees were taking a train to?" was used. The contestant did not answer correctly.

Debt (06/26/97)
In a final wager section of the game, a contestant chose "The Monkees" as the pop specialty category. The question was "Written by Neil Diamond, I'm the Monkees song that made it to number 2 on the Billboard charts in 1967." The contestant correctly answered, "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You" and won $13, 796.

Debt (09/05/97)
In the category "My First Time", the clue was "After debuting in the Monkees' Head', I appeared in Young Frankenstein' and Mr. Mom'." The contestant correctly answered, Terri Garr.

Dennis Miller Show (04/07/95)
In a call-in segment with Representative Pat Schneider and a caller from Clarkesville, VA, Dennis said, "Did you take the last train?"

DR1 - Danish TV (09/03/97)
The old video to "Daydream Believer" was used on a Danish TV pop quiz. This was the first time that the Monkees ever appeared on Danish TV, which has never run the series.

Dumb and Dumber [movie] ?date
The main characters were shown looking at the jukebox to see a Beatles song, when one of the characters states that The Monkees influenced the Beatles.

Ellen (06/12/96)
In a scene where Spence is playing 'Operation', the game board is sitting on a pile of books -- including "MonkeeMania" and "I'm a Believer."

Entertainment Tonight (02/21/95)
Asked if he would play himself on his new tv program, "All American Girl" Quentin Tarantino replied, "No. I'm not Davy Jones on The Brady Bunch."

Entertainment Tonight (06/18/02)
Promo for 2Kees House of Blues shows

Evening News (07/30/95)
Sports anchor commenting on a golf tournament in Pleasant Valley "With apologies to the Monkees, it was a very Pleasant Valley Sunday."

Evening News (10/27/95)
During a report of sale merchandise at a Beatles convention in the Philadelphia area, the camera shot was of a shelf of Monkees memorabilia rather than Beatles'.

EXTRA! (06/04/96)
Flashback question was "Who won the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series on June 4, 1967?"

Ford Truck Commercial (10/17/97)
In the commercial a gorilla is seen driving a Ford truck. The gorilla pops in a cassette which plays the Theme sung by the Monkees.

Four Corners of Nowhere (movie aired on Sundance network) (1997)
A radio talk show host tells a female listener the when she was about 8 years old, her first sexual daydream would have been of either Shaun Cassidy or one of the Monkees - likely Micky since he seemed like the sensitive type.

Four on the Floor (VH1) (08/95)
In a discussion of teen idols, the question arose about whether squeaky-clean teen idols could exist in a world of alternative rock, gangsta rap, punk revivalism and young-country. Sam appeared laughing and saying "this whole topic reminds me of the Monkees."

Friends (03/95)
Character stated, "Like Mike from the Monkees," in reference to someone wearing a touque (knitted hat/stocking cap?).

Friends (Nov 17, 94)
When visiting his pregnant ex-wife, Ross sings to the baby in-utero. "Here we come, walkin' down the street. We get the funniest looks from everyone we meet. Hey, hey . . ." At this point the baby kicks for the first time, so Ross continues singing making up the words -- "Hey, hey, you're my baby, and I can't wait to meet you. When you come out I'll buy you a bagel, and then we'll go to the zoo. Hey, hey, I'm your daddy. I'm the one without any breasts . . . " and the scene fades.

Ghost in the Machine (10/97)
A serial killer hacks into a computer database. He cleans out a woman's chequing account, rings up $700 on her phone bill and then shows up at her house with a listing of personal records. Her kid looks over her shoulder at the list and says, "Mom. What's the Davy Jones fan club stuff?"

Good Morning America [?] (01/12/96)
Jason Alexander was interviewed with a chimpanzee on his lap. The interviewer broke into the Theme from the Monkees twice during the interview.

Great Drives (02/27/96)
In the episode about "Route 93", part of Nez's "Prairie Lullabye was used as accent music. (in the middle of the show just after they leave Currie, Nevada.)

Growing Pains (05/16/95)
Showed Las Vegas chapel with neon sign on top stating "One of the Monkees married here." Every time one of the characters walked into the building, they would say, "Hey, one of the Monkees was married here."

Growing Pains (06/03/95)
Mike sings to his baby sister Chrissie to stop her from crying. To the Theme from the Monkees -- "Hey, hey we're the Monkees, and people say we monkey around, and I will keep on singing, because you're happy now. Hey, hey, you're my baby . . .".

GTE Mobilnet commercial (radio) (04/97)
First Man: What's your favourite monkey?
Second Man: I think the one with the hat.
First Man: You mean one of those little organ grinder things?
Second Man: Oh, you meant the animal, not the group.
First Man: Well, there *was* a group called the Animals.

HBO Comedy show (Sep/Oct 96)
A comedian was talking about people asking him if he had found god. His reply was that he was nervous when he met Mike from the Monkees!

Hendrix (6/10/01) ShowTime Movie
Unauthorized biopic of Jimi Hendrix includes portrayal of his time as opening act for the Monkees.

Highlander (10/27/96)
Joe was having dinner with an old high school flame. She said, "Joe, I have a confession to make." He replied, "Oh, no -- you didn't really like the Monkees, did you?" she said, "Well, yes, I did, but that's not what I was going to say."

Hollywood Hot Wheels. DVD (Nov. 26, 2002)
Television Hot Rods, including The Monkeemobile. Interviews with Dean Jeffries and George Barris.

Home Improvement (??97)
Wilson showed Jill a picture of the Monkees saying, "I was the cute one, you know."

Howard Stern radio show (04/02/97)
Howard and crew called a Jeopardy Hotline 900-number. Howard chose the music category for $200 in the Double Jeopardy round. The answer was, "Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith and Davy Jones were part of the 1960s group."

I Dream of Jeannie (01/05/97 re-run)
In this episode starring Sammy Davis Jr., Davis was shown after rehearsal of a song for that evening's performance. He commented, "Well, it's not the Monkees, but it will have to do."

Idiot Savant (01/30/96)
On this MTV game show, in the category TV Show Themes, the first one used was from the Monkees.

Idiot Savant (04/97)
In the category "Name that Physical Force," the question was "What force causes spinning and twisting." Answer - torque. The MC stated, "Torque - like Peter Tork."

Inside TV Land: TV Theme Songs (11/10/02)
Monkees Theme #6. Series Clips and interview with Bobby Hart

Jeopardy (03/95)
Answer given regarding which Monkee played in Oliver! .

Jeopardy (04/95)
Answer given regarding 1960s TV band program.

Jeopardy (06/95)
Under category AKA, answer given "As a child, this Monkee starred in the TV series Circus Boy under the name Micky Braddock."

Jeopardy Commercial (08/95)
'Marcia' and 'Jan' watching Jeopardy answer three questions dealing with the Brady bunch. The third question is "On the Brady Bunch, this girl went to the prom with Monkee Davy Jones.

Jeopardy (04/28/97)
Answer - "He Monkeed around with Davy Jones, Mike Nesmith and Peter Tork."

John Larroquette Show (09/95)
In a commercial for the show, John was asking people for ideas on how to improve his show. A common answer was to make it more like 'Friends', with one woman mentioning "that dance in the fountain." John replies, "Oh, you mean like the Monkees of comedy."

Joy Luck Club (??date)
The Theme from the Monkees played while June was watching TV.

Kodak commercial (05/15 to 06/3/ 96)
All Scandinavian TV stations aired this commercial which featured a monkey and "Salesman" as the jingle.

Late Night with Conan O'Brien (02/04/97 ?re-run)
In an interview Kevin Bacon said that he grew up worshipping the Beatles, Rolling Stones and The Monkees."

Late Night with Conan O'Brien (05/??/95)
Played to commercial with "Different Drum" by Nez.

Late Night with Conan O'Brien (05/10/95)
Used the director's chair photo of the group with Conan's face superimposed over one of the guy's.

Late Night with Conan O'Brien (07/18/95)
In a dream-sequence remembering the first half of the show, the background music was "I Wanna Be Free".

Late Night with Conan O'Brien (08/30/95)
In a bit where Conan reminisces about the first half of the show in video bites, the background music was Shades of Grey, Monkees (not Weinberg) version.

Late Night with Conan O'Brien (10/95)
Ray Davies of the Kinks mentioned that his brother Dave shared a house with the drummer Mick and didn't always get along well. Conan noted that the Monkees had been able to live together peacefully, to which Ray retorted that "They lived together on a TV show; This was real life."

Late Night with Conan O'Brien (01/11/96)
In a clip where he was pretending to remember the good old days (first half of the show), the band played a bit of "I Wanna be Free."

Late Night with Conan O'Brien (02/96)
Max Weinberg and the band played Conan back to his desk with the theme to the Monkees.

Late Night with David Letterman (summer 87)
A clip was shown of two old ladies watching a Monkees video while "Last Train to Clarksville" played. Dave quipped, "The two original Monkees fans."

Late Night with David Letterman (1986/87?)
During "Dave's Record Collection" skit, a slow, gloomy version of the Monkees Theme played. Paul was seen crying and saying that it was so sad about Mike Nesmith. Dave replied, "No, no, he didn't die, he just chose not to go on tour with the other Monkees."

Late Show with David Letterman (02/96)
While Dave was talking about the Grammys, Dave asked "Did the Monkees win anything?"

Late Show with David Letterman (06/28/95)
David says to Ron Howard, "Did you know I was the fifth Monkee?"

Late Show with David Letterman (06/29/95)
David and Tom Hanks were discussing Tom's beard. Tom mentioned muttonchops, " Micky Dolenz or Mike Nesmith." Dave showed an old picture of Bob Morton sporting a big afro and said, "There's your Micky Dolenz!"

Late Show (02/19/97)
David Letterman reviewed a new book titled "I was the Fifth Monkee!" by Alex Trebek. The cover of the fictional book showed Alex posed in a 1968 group shot of which Dave commented, "Davy needs a manicure."

"Lion King" cartoon program (10/95)
A young circus monkey gets ejected from a plane along with some circus props. He lands in the jungle where the hyenas plan to catch and eat him. One hyena suggests they use some of the instruments from the circus props and form a band like the Monkees.

Married with Children (03/96)
Marcy Darcy recalled having to give a public speech in school. A roach had crawled up her leg during the speech. She screamed and tore her clothes off revealing a pair of Monkees panties. She recalled that the kids later teased her by asking, "Can Davy come out and play?"

Married with Children (1994)
Al and Peg go to a video store to rent a movie. Clearly visible on the rack of movies is "Head."

Married with Children (??Date)
Marcy was shown digging her way through the snow to get to the Bundy home to see the band that was visiting the kids. She asked if they knew either "I'm a Believer" or "Daydream Believer."

Married with Children (??Date)
Al is referred to as the fifth Monkee

Martin Short Special (05/20/95)
Paul Schaeffer said, "We were going to be the Monkees of the '70s."

Maury Povich show (08/13/97)
Guests of the show had appeared on The Art Linkletter Show' in the 60s. One clip shown was of a 6 year old girl who was asked who she would choose as a famous father. She had replied, "Davy from the Monkees." Maury asked if she remembered that answer now. She replied that she knew right away to say Davy as she used to listen to all the Monkee records.

McCain's Ad (1997)
"I'm a Believer" was used in a tv ad for McCain's Oven Chips in the UK

Muppets Tonight (10/19/97)
The new owner of the Muppets TV station wanted Kermit to be a monkey since people liked monkeys better than frogs. When Kermit refused, the owner asked if he'd ever heard anyone sing "Hey, hey, we're the froggies and people say we froggy around."

Music Works [CBC] (02/11/96)
When asked about early musical influences, the female song-writer for "Universal Honey" included the Monkees in her short list.

Music Box [Flemish-Belgian station] (02/96)
On this music program, a group did a Flemish version of "I'm a Believer."

My Stepmother is an Alien [movie]?date
After Celeste first encounters humans, she bursts out a whole string of colloquialisms including the beginning of the Monkees theme song.

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (06/15/91)
During the movie, "Pod People," a hunter says "here they come." Tom Servo replies, ". . . walking down the street. They get the funniest looks from . . . "

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (10/26/91)
While watching a short called "The Home Economics Story," there is a shot of 4 girls walking together in a row. Joel, Tom Servo, and Crow all start crooning, "Here we come, walking down the street . . . "

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 movie (12/96)
In the movie, Tom Servo had a Monkees album in his room.

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (04/05/97)
In the movie "She-Creature," as one of the characters was walking down the beach, Servo said, "Here I come, walking down the street, I get the funniest looks from everyone I meet. Hey hey I'm a Monkee."

The Naked Truth (promo 01/97)
This promo is set to the Monkees theme music but the words sung are "Te Te Tea Leoni" instead of "hey hey we're the Monkees."

The Naked Truth (04/03/97)
At the end of the show the audio from a Jeopardy game could be heard. The first answer was, "This former Monkee called his 1993 autobiography, I'm a Believer"

Natural Born Killers (??date) Motion Picture
In director's cut of this movie, several cut scenes were shown. One of the main characters was named Micky Knox. In one scene cut from the released movie, Dennis Leary was shown knocking on a door, saying, "Knock. Knock. Who's there? Micky. Micky who? Micky Mouse? Micky Mantle? . . . Micky Dolenz?"

NBC 75th Anniversary Special (5/5/02)
Several clips from The Monkees were included in a montage of clips from series that have aired on NBC.

NBC Dateline (03/95)
Used theme from the Monkees as an intro to a segment on playing the stock market. There was a competition between a broker, a grade 8 classroom and a chimpanzee. (Over the 1 year competition, the chimp faired the best!)

Netwerk (04/13/97) Dutch Television Program
This documentary program presented a piece about the fabrication of a new pop-phenomenon being launched the next day. In a discussion of the history of pre-fab groups, several romp scenes from the Monkees series were shown while the Monkees theme played in the background. The voiceover stated that the history of the pre-fabricated group is as old as The Monkees.

Nick at Night (11/95)
In a TV trivia bit running between shows, question #16 asked if Mike Nesmith was independently wealthy because of his mother's invention of liquid paper.

Nick at Night (03/17/96)
TV Trivia Question #101 was "Did you know that Monkees drummer Micky Dolenz also starred in the 50s TV show "Circus Boy"?"

Nick at Night (05/96)
TV trivia question - "Did you know that before he joined the Monkees, Davy Jones rode race horses in England?"

Nihonjin no Sitsumon (Japanese People's Questions) (02/26/96)
During a segment about gorillas that sing when they're happy, one of the celebrities' began her answer by singing "Hey Hey, we are Monkees".

Nissan Ultima television advertisement (began July/August 1997)
In this ad, a farmer goes to town to trade in the old truck and returns with an Ultima -- music blaring as he sings along with Micky to "I'm a Believer."

The Office (04/95)
Statement made by one of the lead characters, "This is real life, not an episode of the Monkees."

Party of Five (?1995)
On the show in which the five kids first really came together as a family, it closed with "I'm a Believer."

Paul Harvey, The Rest of the Story (??Date) Syndicated Radio Show
The invention of Liquid Paper by Mike Nesmith's mother is a recurring segment.

Pearl (Spring 2001) Play
The story of Janis Joplin as told by her letters to her sister and mother. Janis is delighted to receive flowers from the Monkees.

Pennies (Spring/Summer 2001) Musical Play
Brookdale Community College in Lincroft, NJ; Hilarious, well done parody of the Monkees. Premise: Due to the success of the Monkees, another network decides to rip off the idea, resulting in the Pennies, "We don't nickel and dime!" (Reviews from fans who've seen it are more than glowing! Let's hope this one makes it to Broadway and then, the big screen, so all of us can see it!)

Pinky and the Brain cartoon (09/95)
Villain states that "I'm gong to send you to Davy Jones locker." Pinky replies, "Gee. Wasn't he the lead singer of the Monkees?"

Pinky and the Brain (1997)
Brain plans to take over Pittsburgh using the legend of the mouselope' as an endangered species whose habitat, Pittsburgh, must be controlled. Brain notes that the mouselope is about to make an amazing comeback. Pinky replies, "Oh, how I hope Mike Nesmith is with them this time."

Pride and Joy (06/28/95)
Main characters going to a Rolling Stones concert with husband wearing a Monkees shirt.

Princess Daisy (1983) Mini-series
At a fete, there was a band which you can't see well. They were wearing cream coloured shirts with full sleeves under burgundy vests. Micky's voice was heard singing Daydream Believer and a voice somewhat like Nez's sang Rock Around the Clock.

Quantum Leap - penultimate episode, final season, (1992?)
In the episode titled, "Memphis Melody", Sam leaps into Elvis. When he threatens Elvis' success, Al lamented, "Elvis never gets discovered and Heartbreak Hotel gets recorded by . . . THE MONKEES!"

Raising Arizona (1987)
During the setup sequence, at the beginning of the film, Seeger's Theme is the background music while Ed and H.I. are at the adoption agency and again as H.I. ties the ladder to the top of his car.

Real World (05/93)
The musician of the group Andre said that people would ask him if he really was in a rock group. His response was that people thought MTV just made up the group like the Monkees.

Regis & Kelly (2-25-03)
I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone used for a gameshow segment.

Ren and Stimpy (05/13/95)
Character heard saying opening nonsense lines from "No Time".

Rocko's Modern Life (rerun 11/02/97)
The fisherman was talking and he said, "To Davy Jones' locker and Micky Dolenz's locker, and Perter Tork's locker. Ah the Monkees. They all had lockers."

Rosie O'Donnell Show (01/21/97)
Kevin Bacon spoke of his early love of music and stated that his heroes growing up were the Monkees, the Beatles, Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy.

Rosie O'Donnell Show (01/28/97)
Rosie stated, "You know how when you were little and you'd look through '16 Magazine' and you'd put Davy Jones on your wall? My crush was Tom Cruise."

Rush Limbaugh Show (12/12/95) Syndicated Radio Program
Rush was talking about an ad from the Republican National Committee. He said, "The ad is in USA Today on page 7A. Remember the Monkees? "Daydream Believer?" 7A? What number is this Chip? 7A. Don't get excited, because I know." [sic] In another program, he made reference to "I'm a BushLeaguer" sung by Bill Clinton.

SaskTel Muzak (07/97)
While on hold with the local phone company, the recorded music playing was "Some of Shelley's Blues" with Nez doing vocals.

Saturday Night Live (??Date)
In the Weekend Update, Norm McDonald said, "Next year's Monkees reunion tour will be the first to include all four original band members. That's because Michael Nesmith, who had not joined previous tours, has decided to come along. Nesmith, of course, is known as the last original Monkee to run out of money." Note: This was later cited by TV guide as one of the best TV quotes.

Sawyer Brown concert (08/30/97)
In a concert at Reading Municipal Stadium, the lead singer of Sawyer Brown introduced a country version of "Last Train to Clarksville." by noting that the band's musical influence came from the Monkees.

Screen Tests (4/13/02) ITV channel 3 UK
Mike's and Davy's screen tests were shown.

Schoolhouse Rock (07/95; reruns)
In video for Noun, the last verse mentions the Monkees as an example of a proper noun.

Sex in the 90s (MTV Special) (11/18/95)
During a discussion by young women about sex, a clip is shown of Davy singing 'Girl' during his Brady Bunch appearance. Marcia is in the studio watching him as he sings.

Shrek (Spring/Summer 2001) Motion Picture
Closing scene: "I'm a Believer" covered by Smash Mouth and Eddie Murphy.

Simpsons (05/14/95) Re-run
Marge has flashback about her Monkees lunchbox in psychiatrist's office.

Simpsons (?/?/03)
Chief Wiggum, confusing Monkees and Beatles says "Looks like these punks are gonna be taking the last train to Clarksville!" Lou corrects him.

Sponge Bob Square Pants(4/?/09) Nickelodeon
Spongebob v.s. The Big One - (animated) Davy Jones appears as himself. Johnny Depp also appears.

Street Smarts (5/29/01) Syndicated Game Show
In the final death question of the game, the "Boardwalk Bookworms" were asked, "What was the name of the group which featured Paul Simon and Art Garfunkle?" One of them said she knew this one, but couldn't remember the name, only that Michael McDonald was part of the group. Finally, she guessed, "The Monkees?"

Swedish Lottery ad (10/98)
Swedish TV used "Daydream Believer" in an ad for the Swedish lottery.

Tonight Show (06/14/95)
In a bit regarding the new NBC fall programs in production, Jay highlighted one about four judges in the Simpson case titled "The Itos". The title song was sung to the Theme from the Monkees -- Hey, hey, we're the Itos -- and the clips followed the opening of the Monkees show. One judge even wore a black wool hat.

Tonight Show (06/25/96)
After Jay told a joke about Wendy's, Kevin played "Windy." When kidded about it, Kevin replied that "Windy" is a great Wes Montgomery jazz piece. Jay replied, "Yes. An I believe Miles Davis' cover of the Monkees "I'm a Believer" was also a great jazz piece."

Tonight Show (03/14/97)
Jay did a sketch interviewing Michael Jackson's pet chimp "Bubbles" who was living somewhere in the Angeles National Forest. Bubbles talked about the other monkeys in the forest: "There's Marcel from Friends, Cornelius and Dr. Zeus from Planet of the Apes, the cast of Congo, Curious George, Peter Tork and Micky Dolenz."

Unhappily Ever After (1995)
Tiffany's mom says, "I never dated when I was young. I just sat home and watched the Monkees." Tiffany replies, "You had monkeys at your house?!"

VH-1 - Cross Roads Concert (04/96)
Concert featured Blues Traveller, Collective Soul, Dave Matthews and others. In a backstage clip the members of Collective Soul were shown gathered around the camera singing the Theme from the Monkees.

VH-1 - 100 Moments That Rocked TV (date?)
Series at #27. Series clips.
Walt Disney World's Christmas Parade (1995) ABC TV
In the Toy Story portion of the parade, the Barrel of Monkeys monkeys did the Monkee walk.
Weight Watcher's Commercial (c. 09/96)
The theme music for the commercial is "I'm a Believer."

What ever happened to . . . (07/09/95)
In a discussion of the video for "Walking on Sunshine", the director had stated that the band was to wear funny, brightly coloured clothes and act really goofy "just like the Monkees."

What's So Funny? (11/95) Promo for Fox TV Series
A clip from a Monkees episode is included in the promo.

Whose Line is it, Anyway? (07/25/95)
When asked to improv a bunch of monkeys, two players went out, both with arms rounded, and sang the words "Daydream Believer".

Who's the Boss? (??/??/91)
Tony mentions that (someone) can get Stone Phillips or The Monkees and later says, "None of this would have happened if she had went with the Monkees"

Wishbone (??date)
In the "Native American Stories" episode, Wanda and Ellen are looking through old magazines. Davy is on the cover of one. Wanda says, "Do you remember David Jones?" They both squeal.

WWF Wrestling (05/28/01)
Old footage was played of Vince McMahon trying to sing - Hulk Hogan was in the backing band and one of the commentators remarked that Hogan looked like Peter Tork in the clip.

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