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Welcome to the Monkees Music Bootlegs FAQ. This FAQ gives information about some of the known Monkees bootlegs which are in circulation. Please note that this FAQ is meant for informational purposes, only and is in no way intended as an encouragement for illegal bootleg trade. Further, this FAQ is NOT a trade list, I do not own these titles and I do not know where someone might obtain them, please do not e-mail me with requests.

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  • Acknowledgements - A big thanks to a long list of people.
Corrections and Updates guide:
  • Do not send information about audience tapes of live shows, too many exist.
  • Do not send information about pirates of official release material.
  • Do not send info about homemade CDRs compiled, duped or remixed from other boots
  • Do not send scans of bootleg album covers, they will not be added.
  • Do not send trade requests or offers - I am not interested.
  • Do send info about legal boots (imports from countries who allow boots.)
  • Send detailed corrections and updates to:
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Monkees Official and Unofficial Bootlegs
























The Wichita Train Whistle Sings TNG Enterprises (no number) [CD] 1997
notes: Tracks 1-10 are pirated from the LP. Most tracks mastered directly from rare, original vinyl. The "demo" version of "While I Cried" is the common version with an alternate lead vocal. (A photo of this acetate can be seen in the book, "A Manufactured Image.")














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