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The Television FAQ provides an episode guide and information about movies, videos and other onscreen appearances. Notable guest stars and additional music information have been added to the episode guide. Information in the episode guide has been verified by checking against several sources, including tapes from the box set and tapes from television of the syndicated version of the series. If you spot an error I've missed or you feel I've excluded a valuable piece of information from the episode guide, please e-mail me with the correct information.

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  • Text Only - For quick and easy printing
  • Acknowledgements - A big thanks to a long list of people.
  • Movies include Monkees movies and movies specifically about the Monkees. Group appearances are appearances by two or more of the guys as Monkees or as themselves. Group appearances in other roles (example: Boy Meets World) are listed individually under solo appearances.

    Fast Facts:
  • NEWSFLASH: (2005) The Monkees television series is airing weekly in Brazil on REDE 21 as part of their Cult Series segment.
  • The Monkees original run included only 58 episodes in two seasons.
  • Henry Cordin (Mr. Babbit/Landlord) later did the voice of Fred Flintstone.
  • Mr. Schneider was named after series co-creator, Bert Schneider.
  • Soundtracks for both pre-syndication and syndicated reruns often differ from original air.
  • Several episodes were released, 2 or more per tape, in the 80s and 90s.
  • All of the episodes, plus 33 1/3 and the original pilot were remastered, restored and released as a video boxset by Rhino Records, Season One DVD box was released May 13, 2003 and Season Two DVD Box was released November 18, 2003.
  • HEAD was a success in France, where the Monkees were virtual unknowns throughout the series run.
  • Strikes affected the filming of both HEAD and 33 1/3.
  • Van Foreman, the Monkees creator/producer/manager in the VH1 biopic DayDream Believer is a fictional character. The Monkees were created by Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider.

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Break out the party hats and noise makers! The Season One DVD set was released May 13, 2003. Special features include Kelloggs commericials, a 16mm version of the pilot, memorabilia gallery and commentary from several guest stars including Nesmith, Tork, Jones, Rafelson, Frawley and Hart (Dolenz was unavailable due to his touring schedule with AIDA.) Season two was released Nov. 18, 2003 with a suggested retail price of $79.95. Special features include vintage commercials, commentary from all four Monkees, "33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee" and more! (See order links above for more info.)

The Holland import DVD of the Disney documentary "Hey Hey We're the Monkees" is said to be playable on US players, but includes neither bonus footage (not even that included on the US video release) nor menu screens.

The UK has seen the release of the region 2 encoded Heart and Soul DVD (released by Fabulous Films.) Early reviews of this disc are that it has no special features, disappointingly cheap packaging, outdated cover information, and that cover photos are from the wrong reunion for this release.

The VH1 biopic, DayDream Believers, is now available, in the US, on both DVD and VHS.

Michael Nesmith has re-released Elephant Parts on DVD, with all new commentary.

Chris Augustus has been generous enough to share the following review of the first two DVD releases with us (thank you Chris!):

The "Favorite Episodes" DVD contains video taped recent interviews with the four actors and their favorite episodes:

Hitting the High Seas
Monkees Vs. Machine
The Frodis Caper
Fairy Tale

The menu structure on this DVD is a little difficult in design and the interviews are not all that wonderful. The picture quality is OK on "High Seas". The song "Daydream Believer" sounds wobbly like the film is not running at a constant speed. There is also a minor skip during the ending credits. In "Monkees V Machine" the film is fading to a pale green and the ending credits have cereal superimposed on them. The song list matches the song list from your web page as the original broadcast. "Frodis" is fading to pink, has a Kellogg's commercial after the opening credits, and also has cereal featured in the ending credits. If you frame by frame watch the interference over the eye on the television, you can see it appears someone physically scratched the film print to create the effect. The "Fairy Tale" print is rather dark and contains continuous vertical scratches, but still retains the color well. The well filmed monochrome "Daily Nightly" song looks great at the end of this episode. The audio on this DVD is two channel mono.


The "Volumes One & Two" DVD contains four episodes in good condition:

Here Come the Monkees
The Picture Frame
Alias Micky Dolenz
Hillbilly Honeymoon

The DVD starts off with a 'Remastered in Rhinophonic "Authentic Sound" The audience is listless' which must have something to do with the DVD containing a simple two channel mono track of the original episode sound and a 5.1 channel souped up sound (words cannot describe it - I use the original mono sound). The four episodes are in good condition except for the opening credits for the two first season stories which are fading to a whitish pink. Additionally there are text Biographies of the four actors and a text Band History. The prints are not restored to the quality of the original Star Trek series DVD's, but are pleasing to the eyes - the swing scene from the pilot episode has rich color. The pilot episode contains several rough edits which may be from when the producers recut the film after it was first test shown. In the "Hillbilly" episode, there is a rough cut in "Papa Gene's Blues" which without comparing it to my record, probably shortened the instrumental section.


If someone were to ask me which DVD was the better to purchase, I would point them to the "One & Two". The favorite episodes DVD does not (in my opinion) showcase what the typical episode looked like when I saw them in syndication in the middle of the 80's on a local television station.

The Monkees Series - Season One or Season Two
Daydream Believers - The Monkees Story On DVD or On VHS

Monkees Episode Guide

Dates reflect original air date.

First Season

1. Royal Flush (9-12-66)
Written by Peter Meyerson, Robert Schlitt, Directed by James Frawley.

The Monkees rescue the Princess of the Duchy of Harmonica from her evil uncle the Archduke Otto. Interviews with all four.


2. Monkee See, Monkee Die (9-19-66)
Written by Treva Silverman, Directed by James Frawley.

The Monkees must spend the night in a haunted house to collect an inheritance


3. Monkee vs. Machine (9-26-66)
Written by: David Panich, Directed by: Bob Rafelson.

The Monkees apply for jobs in a computerized toy factory


4. Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers (10-3-66)
Written by: Dave Evans, Directed by: James Frawley

The Monkees are kidnapped by a rival band's manager to prevent them competing in a band contest. Guest stars Vic Tayback. Interviews with all four.


5. The Spy Who Came In From The Cool (10-10-66)
Written by: Gerald Gardner, Dee Caruso, Directed by: Bob Rafelson

The Monkees become foreign agents to recover microfilm concealed in Davy's red maracas.


6. The Success Story (10-17-66)
Written by: Gerald Gardner, Dee Caruso, Bernie Orenstein, Directed by: James Frawley

Davy's grandfather visits, expecting Davy to be wealthy and successful. Guest stars Charlie Callas. Davy is interviewed about his trip home.


7. Monkees In A Ghost Town (10-24-66)
Written by: Robert Schlitt, Peter Meyerson Directed by: James Frawley

The Monkees run out of gas in a ghost town and become prisoners of a musical female gangster. Guest stars Rose Marie. Mike is interviewed.


8. Don't Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth (10-31-66)
Written by: Dave Evans, Directed by: Bob Rafelson

Davy babysits a horse and must hide it from the landlord. Guest stars Jerry Colonna.


9. The Chaperone (11-7-66)
Written by: Gerald Gardner, Dee Caruso, Directed by: Bruce Kessler

Micky poses as a female chaperone so Davy can see a general's daughter.


10. The Monkees (Pilot) [Here Come the Monkees] (11-14-66)
Written by: Paul Mazursky, Larry Tucker, Directed by: Mike Elliot

The Monkees must help Davy's girl with her studies to play her sweet sixteen party. Mike and Davy screen tests.


11. Monkees A La Carte (11-21-66)
Written by: Gerald Gardner, Dee Caruso, Bernie Orenstein Directed by: Jim Frawley

The Monkees pose as The Purple Flower Gang to save a restaurant owner from the mob.


12. I've Got A Little Song Here (11-28-66)
Written by: Treva Silverman Directed by: Bruce Kessler

The Monkees turn the tables after Mike is fleeced by a phony song publisher


13. One Man Shy (12-5-66)
Written by: Gerald Gardner, Dee Caruso, Treva Silverman, Directed by: James Frawley

Peter tries to win the heart of a debutante


14. Dance, Monkees, Dance (12-12-66)
Written by: Bernie Orenstein, Directed by: James Frawley

Peter is tricked into signing a lifetime contract for dance lessons.


15. Too Many Girls (12-19-66)
Written by: Dave Evans, Gerald Gardner, Dee Caruso, Directed by: James Frawley

A stage mother schemes to pair her daughter with Davy


16. Son Of A Gypsy (12-26-66)
Written by: Gerald Gardner, Dee Caruso, Treva Silverman, Directed by: James Frawley

Gypsies force the Monkees to steal the Maltese Vulture


17. Case Of The Missing Monkee (1-9-67)
Written by: Gerald Gardner, Dee Caruso, Directed by: Bob Rafelson

Peter discovers a plot to kidnap a scientist. Could it be? Does Peter know too much?


18. I Was A Teenage Monster (1-16-67)
Written by: Gerald Gardner, Dee Caruso, Dave Evans, Directed by: Sidney Miller

The Monkees give music lessons to a monster. Guest stars Richard Kiel (Jaws of 007 fame.)


19. Find The Monkees (1-23-67)
Written by: Dave Evans, Directed by: Richard Nunis

The Monkees try everything to audition for Hubbell Benson's new show. Monkees interviewed about Sunset Strip Riots.


20. Monkees In The Ring (1-30-67)
Written by: Gerald Gardner, Dee Caruso, Directed by: James Frawley

A boxing promoter books Davy into fixed fights to make him think he's a contender.


21. The Prince And The Pauper (2-6-67)
Written by: Peter Meyerson, Gerald Gardner, Dee Caruso, Directed by: James Komack

Davy, in a dual role, impersonates a prince to win him a bride.


22. Monkees At The Circus (2-13-67)
Written by: David Panich, Directed by: Bruce Kessler

The Monkees save a circus. Guest stars Felix Silla (Addams Family's Cousin Itt)


23. Captain Crocodile (2-20-67)
Written by: Gerald Gardner, Dee Caruso, Peter Meyerson and Robert Schlitt. Directed by: James Frawley

The Monkees appearance on a children's show is sabotaged by its insecure host. Guest stars Joey Baio.


24. Monkees A La Mode (2-27-67)
Written by: Gerald Gardner, Dee Caruso, Directed by: Alex Singer

A teen magazine takes poetic license with the Monkees


25. Alias Micky Dolenz (3-6-67)
Written by: Gerald Gardner, Dee Caruso, Directed by: Bruce Kessler

Micky, in a dual role, impersonates the famous Baby Face. Davy is interviewed about his absence from this episode.


26. Monkee Chow Mein (3-13-67)
Written by: Gerald Gardner, Dee Caruso, Directed by: James Frawley

Peter discovers a plot to unleash the Doomsday Bug. Guest stars Mike Farrel.


27. Monkee Mother (3-20-67)
Written by: Peter Meyerson, Bob Schlitt, Directed by: James Frawley

To get rid of the new tenant, the Monkees must find her a husband. Guest stars Rose Marie.


28. Monkees On The Line (3-27-67)
Written by: Gerald Gardner, Dee Caruso, Coslough Johnson, Directed by: James Frawley

The Monkees work for an answering service


29. Monkees Get Out More Dirt (4-3-67)
Written by: Gerald Gardner, Dee Caruso, Directed by: Gerald Shepard

The Monkees vie for the affections of a buxom laundress. Guest stars Julie Newmar.


30. Monkees Manhattan Style (4-10-67)
Written by: Gerald Gardner, Dee Caruso Directed by: Russell Mayberry

The Monkees are asked to appear in a Broadway rock musical. Long interview segment includes infamous "Why do you want a house, Mike?" interview.


31. Monkees At The Movies (4-17-67)
Written by: Gerald Gardner, Dee Caruso, Directed by: Russell Mayberry

Davy goes Hollywood. Guest stars Bobby Sherman. Interview about not playing instruments.


32. Monkees On Tour (4-24-67)
Written and Directed by: Bob Rafelson

Rocumentary of The Monkees concert in Phoenix. Due to poor recording, some vocals were redubbed for air.

Second Season

33. It's A Nice Place to Visit (9-11-67)
Written by: Treva Silverman, Directed by: James Frawley

The Monkees join a bandit gang in Mexico


34. The Picture Frame (9-18-67)
Written by: Jack Winter, Directed by: James Frawley

The Monkees rob a bank, thinking it's just a movie


35. Everywhere A Sheik Sheik (9-25-67)
Written by: Jack Winter, Directed by: Alex Singer

Davy is almost forced to marry an Arabian princess. Interviews.


36. Monkee Mayor (10-2-67)
Written by: Jack Winter, Directed by: Alex Singer

Mike runs for mayor.


37. Art, For Monkees Sake (10-9-67)
Written by: Coslough Johnson, Directed by: Alex Singer

Peter's talents are used to pull off an art robbery. Guest stars Vic Tayback and Liberace.


38. I Was A 99 Pound Weakling (10-16-67)
Written by: Gerald Gardner, Dee Caruso, Neil Burstyn, Jon C. Anderson, Directed by: Alex Singer

Micky takes a body building course. The guys note Mike's absence, repeatedly.


39. Hillbilly Honeymoon [aka Double Barrel Shot Gun Wedding] (10-23-67)
Written by: Jack Winterson, Directed by: James Frawley

Caught in the middle of a feud, Davy is expected to marry young Ella Mae


40. Monkees Marooned (10-30-67)
Written by: Stanley Ralph Ross, Directed by: James Frawley

Peter trades his guitar for a treasure map.


41. Card Carrying Red Shoes (11-6-67)
Written by: Lee Stanford, Directed by: James Frawley

A Russian ballerina falls in love with Peter. Mike does not appear in this episode.


42. Wild Monkees (11-13-67)
Written by: Stanley Ralph Ross, Corey Upton, Directed by: Jon C. Anderson

The Monkees pretend to be a biker gang.


43. A Coffin Too Frequent (11-20-67)
Written by: Stella Linden, Directed by: David Winters

A clause in their lease forces the Monkees to attend a seance. Guest stars Ruth Buzzi.


44. Hitting The High Seas (11-27-67)
Written by: Jack Winter, Directed by: James Frawley

The Monkees take jobs as shiphands on a would-be pirate ship. Mike appears only briefly due to seasickness.


45. Monkees In Texas (12-4-67)
Written by: Jack Winter, Directed by: James Frawley

The Monkees protect Mike's aunt Kate from the evil Black Bart


46. Monkees On The Wheel (12-11-67)
Written by: Coslough Johnson, Directed by: Jerry Sheppard

The Monkees discover gambling fraud in Vegas. Guest stars Rip Taylor. Bloopers from Monstrous Monkee Mash.


47. Monkees Christmas Show (12-25-67)
Written by: Dave Evans, Neil Burstyn, Directed by: Jon Anderson

The Monkees teach a child the true meaning of Christmas. Guest stars Butch Patrick and Burt Mustin


48. Fairy Tale (1-8-68)
Written by: Peter Meyerson, Directed by: James Frawley

Mike stars as the bad tempered princess. Interview with Mike about crossdressing.


49. Monkees Watch Their Feet (1-15-68)
Written by: Coslough Johnson, Directed by: Alex Singer

Alien beings replace Micky with a robot. Guest stars Pat Paulson, Nita Talbot and Stuart Margolin.


50. The Monstrous Monkee Mash (1-22-68)
Written by: Neil Burstyn, David Panich, Directed by: James Frawley

Davy's latest love interest leads the Monkees to a house filled with movie monsters.


51. The Monkees Paw (1-29-68)
Written by: Coslough Johnson, Directed by: James Frawley

Micky buys a Monkees paw which grants him three wishes. Guest stars Hans Conreid. Outtakes and Peter is interviewed about hippies.


52. The Devil And Peter Tork (2-5-68)
Written by: Robert Kaufman, Gerald Gardner, Dee Caruso, Directed by: James Frawley

Peter trades his soul for the ability to play the harp


53. Monkees Race Again (2-12-68)
Written by: Dave Evans, Elias Davis, David Pollock, Directed by: James Frawley

Davy races the Monkeemobile against the baron and his Clutzmobile. Guest stars Stubby Kaye.


54. Monkees In Paris (2-19-68)
Written and Directed by: Bob Rafelson

Tired of the same old scripts, the Monkees ditch to Paris, where they are chased by four crazed fans.


55. The Monkees Mind Their Manor (2-26-68)
Written by: Coslough Johnson, Directed by: Peter H. Thorkelson

Davy must win a duel to claim an inherited castle in England. Guest stars Jack Good. Late Christmas message from Peter.


56. Some Like It Lukewarm (3-4-68)
Written by: Joel Kane, Stanley Z. Cherry, Directed by: James Frawley

The Monkees need a female member to enter a band contest for mixed groups. Guest stars Deana Martin. Davy's special guest, Charlie Smalls.


57. Monkees Blow Their Minds (3-11-68)
Written by: Peter Meyerson, Directed by: David Winters

Mike and Peter are entranced by the mentalist Oraculo. Mike's special guest, Frank Zappa.


58. Mijacogeo (3-18-68)
Written by: Micky Dolenz, Jon Anderson, Dave Evans, Directed by: Micky Dolenz

Can the Monkees save the world from the hypnotic powers of the alien Frodis? Guest stars Rip Taylor. Micky's special guest, Tim Buckley.


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HEAD (11-6-68)
Written by: Bob Rafelson, Jack Nicholson, Directed by: Bob Rafelson
Starring: The Monkees, Annette Funicello, Victor Mature, Carol Doda, Terri Garr, Sonny Liston, Timothy Carey, Frank Zappa

A psychedelic journey from beginning to end to beginning again, through seemingly disjointed vignettes, sound stages, dreams, fiction, reality, the Monkees' personalities and the dreaded black box.


DayDream Believer (6-28-00) VH1's Monkees Biopic.
Written by Ron McGee, Directed by: Neill Fearnley
- Starring:
Aaron Lohr as Micky Dolenz
L.B Fisher as Peter Tork
Jeff Geddis as Mike Nesmith
George Stanchev as Davy Jones
Wallace Langham as Don Kirshner
Colin Ferguson as “Van Foreman,” (fictional) series creator
Stephen Bogaert as Harris Green, (fictional) studio executive

Dramatization of the Monkees rise and fall. Follows the foursome from auditions through HEAD with a focus on the group's battle to be a real band. Plays out some of the more famous Monkees moments, about which fans had previously only read.


Televison Specials

33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee (4-14-69)
Written by: Jack Good, Art Fisher Directed by: Art Fisher
Starring: The Monkees, Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger and The Trinity, Fats Domino,, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, The Clara Ward Singers, The Buddy Miles Express, The Jaime Rogers Dancers

A bizarre version of the tale better told by HEAD. The Monkees' swan song, this special features Julie Driscoll and Brian Auger more prominently than the Monkees and tries too hard to cloak its flashing neon message in contrived symbolism. Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino and Little Richard will probably deny having any part in this screeching fiasco, but their high energy performances almost make waiting through the rest worth it. Spinal Tap fans will surely recognise the Monkees' embryonic chambers. It should be noted that two more specials were planned but the network was so displeased with 33 1/3 (as were its few viewers) that these plans were scrapped and this special was never rerun.


Hey, Hey We're The Monkees (a.k.a. The Disney Documentary) (1-22-97)
Written by: Chuck Harter, Directed by: Alan Boyd

A documentary looking back on the phenomenon that is The Monkees. Focuses mainly on the 66-68 period and includes lots of tv footage plus interviews with all four


"Hey, Hey We're The Monkees" [also titled "Episode #781"] (2-18-97)
Written and Directed by Michael Nesmith

The Monkees need a plot for episode #781, having exhausted all possibilities over the years.


Behind the Music: The Monkees (6-25-00) VH1

A documentary on the Monkees phenomenon, featuring interviews with all four and a disturbingly self-congratulatory Don Kirshner. First rate production and editing. Themed to promote the material covered in the VH1 biopic, so focus is mainly on the rise/fall and battle with Kirshner.



Monkees Music Videos

Music videos (not romps) from the episodes are included. (Music videos were nothing new, even in the Monkees' day. Mills Novelty Co. produced the first video jukebox, the Mills Panoram Soundie, in 1939 and CAMCO marketed their Scopitone video jukebox in the early/mid sixties. You can read about them at

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(If two or more appeared as Monkees or former Monkees, it's listed under group.)

Group Appearances


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Solo Appearances

Micky Dolenz


Michael Nesmith


Peter Tork


Davy Jones

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